Day 2 and I’m already out of stuff to say? Hmmm…

24 Aug

So, I’ve  started writing something several times today, and realized that this blogging stuff may be more difficult than I thought it would be, ’cause everything I write seems completely boring.  Oh well… I have had some requests from my multitude of fans (hi mom!  hi, Lori!) so here goes…

Last night, I had running class and found myself in the usual state of utter humility (or maybe the word I’m looking for is “humiliation.”)  Anyhoo… we did 3 miles, kinda fast, and I ran with the 8-8:30 min mile pace group, ’cause every time in the past I’ve tried to run with the 7:30-8 pace group, I find myself trailing WAY behind and mentally hurling insults at myself.  My mile splits last night were something like 7:28, 7:03, 7:15.  Nothing earth shattering, but I also wasn’t going all out.  We took a several-minute break between each mile.   Oh and I should add, the pace group leaders always run way under pace.  After class, I did a reservoir loop alone at a pace that was tougher than comfortable, but not “I want to puke and/or die” uncomfortable — that wound up being between a 7:20 and 8:15/min mile pace.  Then I ran home and drank beers with T.  Total mileage:  8 miles.  Total beers: only 1(!!!!!!)

Was going to attempt to do another 8 this morning, but was completely exhausted and decided to take today as a rest day.  I have 2 more 8s and a 14 to squeeze in before this week is out.  So even though I have plans tonight, I *must* get up and do one of those runs tomorrow morning.  I’mma put my money on the 8 miler, but maybe I’ll surprise myself and get up extra-early and crank out the 14.  That would be ideal, since I’m going out of town this weekend!  While I DO love running in new cities, I’m going with T and I’d rather spend the majority of our little getaway together– so it would be ideal to only have an 8 miler to crank out on Saturday morning, as opposed to a 14.

Good Lord, this is boring.  Good thing I have virtually no readers thus far, and I think at this rate it may stay that way.

Ummm… here are some beautiful pictures of me at the Queens half a few weeks ago to liven up this post.  Yes, Ford models, I *am* available!

I look like I’m dying/sneezing. Also, love the dude behind me!
It appears I have been spending some time submerged in water. NOPE. That is straight up sweat, my friends. I didn’t name this Katie’s Sweaty Life for the hell of it.

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