Taking it in stride

25 Aug

Everything is still wonderful and sweaty here and when I say “taking it in stride,” I’m referring to the run I went for this morning, into which I incorporated “strides.”  I’m punny like that!

So my buddy Pfitzinger prescribed for me today 8 miles at “general aerobic” pace– which he describes as a standard, moderate effort and about 15-20% slower than your MP.  I am no good at math, but I generally equate GA speed for me to be  roughly 9 min miles, sometimes a bit faster and sometimes a bit slower.  Anyhow, Pfitz also requested that I incorporate 8 x 100 meter strides.  Pfuck you Thank you, Pfitz!  😉  I am not really positive on the definition of a stride, and I am definitely not confident on what 100 meters feels/looks like.  After doing about 10 seconds worth of research on my favorite online source (what up, Runner’s World online Marathon Race Training forum)  I decided that my “strides” would be 20 second controlled sprints.  So I did that today and I suppose it was OK, though I’m not sure my “sprint” was an actual sprint.  I just pretty much generally suck at speedwork– no 2 ways about it.  Anyhow, I wound up averaging right around 9 min miles for the entire run (which was 8 miles) with my slowest mile being mile 2 at 9:58 (but I stopped to stretch and didn’t stop my watch!) and my fastest around 8:04 at mile 6 (striding mile.)  I ran into my buddy Ali looking awesome and strong at one point, which was definitely a high point of the run, but to be honest, the whole run felt pretty “meh” for 2 very distinct reasons.

(1) I am freaking exhausted and haven’t gotten enough sleep this week.  What’s new?  At least I had fun last night.  My dear friend Melina and I went to the Candle Cafe, which is a vegan restaurant in my ‘hood.  I am not a vegan and don’t ever intend to be one, given my undying love for cheese and my occasional animalistic need for a burger.  However, Candle Cafe does vegan very well and dare I say that “tapioca cheese” is pretty tasty?  I had a Peak Organic IPA and a Tuscan Seitan Parmesean Sandwich, which is, to quote their menu: Breaded seitan cutlet with melted tapioca cheese and roasted garlic tomato sauce on a potato onion roll. Served with a mesclun salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and fried potatoes.

It was AMAZING!  And no, I didn’t take a pic, ’cause I’m new to this blogging stuff and it’s not my instinct to photograph my food.  Sorry.  Anyhow… then Mel came over and we hung out pretty late.  Thus, tired Katie today.

(2) Since we had earthquake aftershocks here in NYC on Tues(!!!!) I hiked down 27 flights of stairs in my heels.  Not horrible, but not awesome.  My biggest concern at the time was that I will have to get my shoes re-heeled.  However, the following day when my quads were screaming at me, I was completely baffled as to why, until a co-worker reminded me of the 27 floor descent.  Oh yeah… turns out my quads aren’t so fond of overuse like that.  So yesterday, I took a day off of running, but this morning… well, let’s just say that my first several steps were super painful, and I felt like I was running kind of gimpy for the majority of the run.  No offense to people with disabilities who run with limps or what have you, (’cause, no joke, I am amazed and inspired when I see these people out running– seriously) but I am just not used to it.  And it hurt a lot.  I also don’t stretch — EVER– so it was annoying to have to stop and stretch as much as I did today.  Rawr!

Oh well.  8 miles done.  I have to run another 8 and a 14 before the week is out.  And this is a LOW mileage week.  Next week is the big 55 mile one.  I should probably not be thinking about that just yet… one week at a time!

I need to try harder to have images to spice this up, but for now I leave you with an image of one of my greatest loves in life… and something I try and incorporate into most days.  Although I love summer, fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait to be drinking pumpkin ones of these in the coming months!!

Tastes so good when it touches your lips!


One Response to “Taking it in stride”

  1. Jill September 19, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Have you ever re-heeled shoes before? I have a couple of broken pairs at my house that I should get fixed. Is it expensive?

    I just read your blog, nice work!!! The whole running thing motivates and exhausts me in the same emotion.

    As for the pumpkin obsession, have you tried the Pumpkin Squash Ravioli Healthy Choice frozen meal? It is by far my favorite of all frozen meals. http://www.healthychoice.com/showProduct.jsp?prod=3001

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