Good Run, Bad Run

6 Sep

Sooo… last Friday, I had a fantastic run, but was too busy all day to actually blog about it.  Then on Saturday, I had a totally sh*ttastic run.  So there was that.  However, I completed my highest MPW ever last week with a grand total of 56.5 miles!  Some of them were absolute crap, (and I mean CRAP) but I did ’em.  I think there were a few reasons for the crappy miles, not the least of which being that being the genius that I am, I backloaded my week in a MAJOR way.  Just ’cause I was feeling lethargic and logy from the LOONG a$$ drive from NC –> NYC and weird start to the week, I brilliantly had the following happen:

Monday: nada (drove all damn day)

Tuesday:  8 miles, including hill drills (running class)

Wednesday:  5.5 mile recovery

Thursday:  11 miles (@ 8:42 average pace)

Friday:  12 miles (@ 8:32 average pace)

Saturday:  20 miles (at a suckiness unprecedented by all other suckiness)

Total: 56.5

Not sure why I thought that an 11 miler, a 12 miler, and a 20 miler back-to-back were a great idea.  Anyhow, yeah, the 20 miler sucked very badly, but I’m not beating myself up too much about it.  Along with the fact that I was coming off of 2 medium-long runs, I slept in very late on Saturday and didn’t get out on the road ’til 11ish.  And it was HOT and humid in Framingham, Mass (where T and I spent our Labor Day weekend, with friends.)  I also didn’t really think through the whole “hydrating” thing, so I wound up running 4 miles with my buddy Danielle– 2 miles out and then 2 back to the house where we were staying– got a drink of water at the house, then headed out again, sans Danielle and sans water.  I stopped about 8 miles in at a gas station and guzzled a bottle of water, then went back on my way.  But about 12 miles in, I started feeling seriously nauseated and was crawling along at a snail’s pace.  I was actually pretty concerned by the time I made it back to the gas station.  Luckily, I had thought ahead enough to remove some dolla bills from my back pocket in my shorts a few miles prior (they were soaked with butt sweat– sexy) and thus they were dry enough to feed into the machines by then.  I bought two water bottles and chugged ’em, but then I still felt like sh*t.  I had to WALK a mile (I haven’t done this in soooo long and I felt like such a false runner at this point) but finally got it together and finished out the damn run.  UGGGGGHHHH.  Lesson learned– get the eff out of bed for these suckers.  The run would have gone SO MUCH better had I not done it in the heat of the damn day.

Anyhow, let’s just say I am looking forward to my next 20 miler, which is in a few weeks.  I will show that one who’s boss, especially since by then fall weather will have set in nicely.

Speaking of fall!  I made it my business to drink as many pumpkin ales as possible this weekend.  Mission accomplished, and here is some photographic evidence of some (but not all!) of them:

Isn't the label cute on this one?

This is a very slightly lower mileage week.  Pfitzinger has prescribed 51-55 miles (WTF is this, man?  Give me a precise number, not a range!)  The weather forecast has some nice cool, fall-like temps (YUSSS) and rain every single day for the next 5-days (boooo!)  We’ll see how it all goes…

In other fall-related news, I’ve wanted the perfect black riding boots for what seems like forever. I finally found them and they were not cheap.  However, when Tory Burch sent me an email about her Labor Day sale, I took it as a sign that I should buy the boots.  So I did!  And I got a whole 100 smackeroos off with that Labor Day sale!  They arrived on Friday and they are beautiful!

But guess what.  They do not, by any means, zip over my enormous runners’ calves.  So very sad.  I’m currently contemplating having them stretched.  Can a shoe person do that, I wonder?  NYC shoe people can do a lot of magical things, but I’m not sure having this done, on top of the already ludicrous expense of the boots, is worth it.  I love my runners’ calves pretty much 99.9% of the time, but it’s this kind of stuff that makes up the .1%.  Man!

2 Responses to “Good Run, Bad Run”

  1. Lori September 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    you deserve the boot – keep the boots…all that running and mileage you do — your feet deserve to be treated to luxury. congrats on all the miles — have i ever told you you’re my hero? 🙂

    • Lori September 6, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

      you deserve the BOOTS*

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