Rain, Rain, go away

7 Sep

Ugggghhh.  It is grey and rainy today, as it was yesterday, as it is forecast to be for the next 4 freaking days.  I skipped class last night, for the first time in forever, ’cause it was absolutely pouring.  I’m not a wuss, I know I can run in rain, (I ran a whole freaking marathon in the rain) but I’d already had a kinda crappy day and didn’t see a need to make it even worse.

BTW, here is a picture of me running said marathon in the rain.  I got my worst time here.  It was May of 2010, my third time running the Cincinnati Flying Pig, and my 7th marathon overall.  I was coming off of a year of great indulgence (bad breakup; too much drinking and eating junk) so I was fat and not properly trained at ALL for this one.  Thank goodness I had my dear friend Jennifer (pictured, obvs) with me for moral support.  Anyhow, this marathon was what prompted me to start getting serious about training and running.   I figured, why the heck do I want to keep doing this and not only *not* improving, but getting WORSE?  So, marathon times of 4 hours and up (particularly this one– 4:41:55 –CRINGE) RIP.

Anyhow… in other fun news, last night I decided to make something pumpkin-y to brighten up my day and make good use of my time not at class.  So, I put a hoodie on and bolted out into the rain to my local grocery store where … they did NOT have pumpkin in a can.  Um, WHAT?  Freaking ghetto grocery store.  Then, I discovered that I had lost my cell phone, since I put it in my (shallow) hoodie pocket and then bolted from my front door to the grocery store.  So RIP to that, too, and that really sucks, ’cause now I have to go to Verizon today, buy a new one, and pray that my numbers have magically been retained.  Awesome.

I intended to run 12 miles this morning, but overslept (what’s new) and only had time to do 8.5.  I did so at an 8:12 pace, which is the pace at which I would need to run for the entire marathon in order to qualify for Boston, under its new and stricter qualifying times.  It felt good and not too tough, but 8.5 is, uh, significantly less than 26.2.  At this juncture in my training, I really do not know WHAT to forecast as my MP, which is making my Pfitzinger-prescribed MP runs tricky.  I would LOVE to qualify for Boston, but I have to be realistic and assume that it’s not really possible.  However, then I have runs like I did today and feel awesome and think maybe it is.  But as I so astutely pointed out, 8.5 is a lot less than 26.2.  BUT I do respond very well to race day adrenaline, taper, and good water stops.  Since I’ve never actually trained for a specific time and never actually intellectually raced a marathon, I just really don’t know what to expect and hope for.  The marathon is in 5 and a half weeks, though, so I suppose I’ve got time to get a better idea of what it could be!

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