8 Sep

Oh, MAN, did I get drenched this morning!  I’m sure running in the driving rain did wonders for my pesky illness, (dry cough, sore throat, minor congestion) too!  Ugh.

Last night I ducked into the Starbucks near my bus stop for a little treat on the way home from work.  Here is what I got, and what I like to call a little slice of heaven:

Starbucks pumpkin bread, you rock my world

As I ate this on the bus, I hoped no one I knew was also on the bus, because I’m pretty sure I looked as though I were in an intense romantic reverie.

I slept over at T’s last night, and when I left this morning a little after 5, it was POURING.  I usually carry my phone when I run, and since I was definitely at risk for ruining my brand new one, I ducked into what T calls The Bodega Of Sadness across the street from his place.  The kind man there gave me a plastic bag to carry my phone in, and it definitely would have been ruined had he not done that.  So I told T we need to make a concerted effort to frequent this place from here on out.  (He calls it the Bodega of Sadness because of their very limited and very random selection of wares.)

And then I ran.  Down through Astoria, over the Queensboro Bridge, across 59th Street and the bottom of the park, up Central Park West, across the top of the park, down 5th Avenue and into the park at the Engineer’s Gate, (yes, I was on the marathon route at this point) out of the park at 72nd Street, and up and across to my apartment.  All in all, I ran 10.25 miles in torrential downpour.  At some points, it was coming down so hard I literally could not see, due to the water in my eyes.  I gave up avoiding the enormous puddles, ’cause my feet were sopping wet anyway.  So I guess it was pretty miserable, but to be honest, I felt pretty badass. 😉  Oh and my average pace wound up being 8:26, with 2 of those 10.25 miles being at an under 8:00 pace.  I was pretty pleased when I looked at my splits when I was done, considering I wasn’t really paying attention to my watch or my pace at all.

I tried to take pics to record my watery glory, but I’m not sure you can tell the extent of my sopping-ness, since I was wearing all black.  Also, I’m not exactly a master of self portraits.

Check out my shorts, wetly clinging to my generous thighs.

Anyhow, it seems this running in the rain trend will continue, since the weather forecast calls for rain and more rain.  Yesterday, I mentioned the Flying Pig 2010, which was pretty rainy.  However, I didn’t mention another memory I have of running in rain, which is basically all of September 2008.  I was staying in Glasgow, Scotland at the time and training for the Loch Ness marathon.  I did a ton of running in Kelvingrove Park, which was across the street from the apartment I was staying in.  It was a beautiful place to run, as evidenced by this photo:

that's the University of Glasgow looming in the distance

Scotland was absolutely beautiful, but it was almost always raining, or misting, or precipitating in some manner.  So running in the rain does make me a bit nostalgic, but this morning’s downpour was pretty extreme and unlike anything I think I ever experienced in Scotland!

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