12 Sep

I had a weekend filled with sleep, running, and eating delicious food!  The food was delicious; the runs were pretty darn crappy.

Let’s start with the good.

My dreamboat bf is a bada$$ cook, as evidenced by the fact that he turned this:

Into this:

into this:

Yeah.  That is a dead duck in the first two pics.  In the final pick, you see what I ate, with great gusto:  duck breasts on top of mushroom risotto (cooked in duck fat) alongside asparagus (also cooked in duck fat.)  I’m kind of at a loss for words to describe how amazing my bf is.  I know, I know– GAG.  But seriously.

So, that was how the weekend wrapped itself up– this was last night’s dinner.  However, prior to this glorious gluttony, I did other stuff.

Fri night:  Dinner at Bahari, a Greek restaurant in Astoria, with T and our friends Jon and Caroline.  Great food and good times.  Right after dinner, T and I retired to his apartment where we laid down (it was a little after 9) and… woke up after 9 on Saturday morning.  Yeah.

Saturday, we went for a walk, he had to go into work, and I ran the sh*ttiest 17 miles I have run in over a year.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  ‘Cause I am.  I cannot remember the last time I had a decent long run.  This is the third Saturday in a row that I found myself doing a run so miserable that I wanted to both quit and cry.  Once again, I was thinking really negative thoughts, along the lines of,  “You are such a bullsh*t runner.  You are not kidding anyone.  You are a poor excuse for a marathoner.  You will never get faster.  You’ll probably get slower.  And fatter.”  And so on and so forth.  I don’t know what to do about this.  It’s not OK that I’ve had 3 terrible long runs in a row, but my weekday mid-mileage runs (8-11 miles usually) are actually pretty consistently strong.  I don’t know if maybe my body is rebelling against Pfitzinger’s G-d-awful training program.  (Yeah.  I said it.  It’s killing me.)  Prior to this, I think my highest weekly mileages for marathon training were around 40 and now it’s 50 and more.  Whatever.  I completed the run, having stopped to walk after every single water break (oh, I cringe) and with an average pace that I do not care to report.  BLAH.

After that, I met Melina for DELICIOUS Thai food at Republic in Union Square, then we saw the new Paul Rudd movie “Our Idiot Brother.”  Very cute.

I conked out pretty much as soon as I got to T’s and woke up around nearly, uh, ONE IN THE AFTERNOON.  Someone needs to work on getting sleep during the week so that she can actually enjoy her weekends and not sleep them away.  T and I went to Brooklyn Bagel, which has the best bagels in the entire world.  (Seriously.)  I got a multi grain mini bagel slathered with cinnamon-maple-walnut cream cheese.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.  BTW, Brooklyn Bagel has no outposts in BK, but 2 in Queens.  Weird.  But works out well for us!

Then I helped T out with the duck (sort of.  He’s the cook in this relationship without a single question)  And left for a 12 miler that I had put off for Sunday, ’cause I’m a genius like that.  It actually wasn’t as horrendous as I anticipated it being, especially in light of my crap-tastic performance the day before.  I ran from his place, over the Q’boro bridge, and up to the park.  I intended to run across 59th Street, along the bottom of the park, and up the west side, but the bottom of the park was absolutely crawling with tourists.  So instead, I stayed on the East Side, ran up 5th Avenue to the early 100s, cut across to York Ave, and ran back downtown to the Q’boro and back over, which wound up being about 12 miles.  I did so at a pace I could live with, (9:07) so this was a pleasant surprise.

Back to my lousy performance on Saturday.  It was very humid and my clothes were sopping wet when I got home.  I had gotten no more than 5 hours of sleep on any given night last week.  I did an 8 miler and a 10.25 miler at a pretty quick pace during the week, as well as a 5 miler that wasn’t too slow either.  Maybe I need to do my weekday runs slower?  I’m convinced I need to sleep more during the week.  I’m going to try and tweak these things this week and see how my partial MP run on Saturday goes.  I can’t let this stuff get me down!

And meantime, I’m super lucky (a lucky duck, I suppose you could say. ;))

2 Responses to “Duck!”

  1. Lori September 13, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    that is just beyond impressive and romantic. i would like to make a reservation please. i would take one of your sh*tty runs anyday — you are so impressive!

    • Katie September 13, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

      I ❤ you longtime, Lori! My one and only follower! 😉

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