13 Sep

My head was spinning this morning as I ran my 5 miler.  Thoughts bounced around in my head along the lines of, “OK, I have an 8, a 5, a 12, a 9, and an 18 to do this week.  This morning I am going to do 8.  Or a 5.  I should do 8.  But I have class tonight and don’t want to die.  Also, I got up late and don’t really have time for 8. (Not great.)  So I’ll do 5.  But that leaves an 8, a 12, a 9, and an 18.  I took yesterday off, so I only have one day off left this week.  But wait, I’m running twice today…”  And so on and so forth.  I reiterate.  Head.  SPINNING.

On another note, I miss spinning class.  I did it once a week for a while.  Back when I wasn’t running all the damn time and way too tired to do a damn thing on the days I wasn’t running.

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with me that I’m struggling so much with this training program?  Other people seem to also work full-time and live a full life and run this much and not be such a baby about it.  I feel like a wuss.

Geez, maybe I should change the title of this blog to “Katie’s Self-Loathing Life.”

OK anyhow, so I said it.  I’m having a bit of a tough time with this higher mileage.  But I’m staying (mostly) positive, I swear!  I’m really looking forward to having a great 18 miler on Saturday after getting good sleep this week.  Last night I got 7 hours, which is  a step in the right direction!  Before going to bed, I got these bad girls done:

A bit vampier than I would ordinarily go. I blame the "it looked different in the bottle" phenomenon. I forget what this shade is called, but it's Essie

I went with my friend Emily, pictured here avec moi, tearin’ up the Manhattan Half a few years ago:

I make some of the fugliest faces when I run...

Then we hung out chez moi for some quality FB stalking and general dishing.  Good times. 🙂

Tonight I have class.  Then in the morning, I have to run.   In between these two runs, I WILL GET SOME SLEEP.

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