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Farewell, 2011! Bring it, 2012!

30 Dec

Oh, hi.  It’s New Years Eve-Eve, and all I can think about is my not-even-half-packed-up studio on the Upper East Side and the fact that my movers are coming at 9 AM sharp tomorrow to cart ALL MY SH*T to Astoria.

I’m stressed.

And while I am stoked to be living in sin with T, I would be lying if I said I was stoked to leave the UES, which is where I have lived for the past 7.5 years.  (Good Lord, I am old.)

Honestly, my anxiety about leaving the UES has very little/zero to do with outer borough snobbery.  I LOVE Astoria.  There are awesome restaurants and bars there, it’s basically a hop-skip-and-jump from Manhattan, (really!  it is!  come VISITTTTT!) and several of my NYC besties live there already.  Plus there’s the whole palatial-apartment-for-a-fraction-of-Manhattan-rent thing.

But I am going to miss the accessibility to the park.  It’s now going to be a real effort to get there.  Iwill say I have run over the Q’boro Bridge from Queens to Manhattan countless times in the past year and a half.  And it’s a nice run.

Fantastic view from Qboro bridge one morning before work

But from T’s place (now my place!) just to the base of the park, it’s already close to 4 miles.   I am going to have to get used to running with a backpack and showering and getting ready at the office, a notion that I do not relish.  But I can and will make it work.  I’m also going to allow myself cabs to the park from time to time, seeing as how I’ll be saving a bundle on rent.

Oh, dear reservoir, I will so miss your proximity...

At least the move stuff is keeping me distracted from my true current angst, which is:

Yeah.  It’s still there.  It still hurts.

I went to a spinning class on Wednesday morning before work, after a week of sloth and cookie-inhalation .  Ho hum.  Yesterday, I just couldn’t bear the thought of going to the gym again.  And while it was cold out, I actually love running in cold (I prefer to think of it as brisk!) weather.  So I suited up and went for a little run.

I'm obviously really good at self-portraits. Also, my apartment is a mess. I'm moving! Give me a break!

Anyhow, I know I’m not supposed to run, but I put my inserts in my running shoes and I spent a good amount of time rolling out the arch of my foot with a frozen water bottle before AND after the run.  And– dare I say it?– the pain wasn’t quite as bad as it has been!  This could quite possibly be wishful thinking…

Anyhow, thus far the grand total mileage for my week is a little over 4 miles.  Wow.

But let’s talk about pleasant things, shall we?  Like my year in running!  This year marked my 10th (and 11th) marathons and my two fastest times, including one BQ.  I prefer not to split hairs on this topic, so yes I do consider my 3:38:52 in Columbus a BQ.  It’s not my fault that Boston was already filled for 2012 by the time I qualified.  Also not my fault that they made the qualifying times tighter for 2013 and now I have to get a 3:35 (or more like a 3:30 to ensure entry– the field is getting tougher and tougher!) in order to qualify!  Yay, fast women!

So yeah.  One of the highest points of my life was on October 16, 2011

And though it was a pretty f**king tough fight, I am proud of how I fared in the NYC marathon, a mere 3 weeks later.  3:45:35, and while I know that’s not impressive for a lot of folks, it was better than I expected.

I was pretty miserable at keeping good track of my mileage, but from what I do have, my mileage for the year was 1406.  I definitely didn’t record everything, but that number averages out to 27 miles a week, which isn’t horrible!  I don’t really make New Years resolutions (why set myself up for failure?) but I really DO want to do better at recording mileage this year.  I signed up for Daily Mile yesterday and thus far have a whopping 4 miles recorded in there.  But I’m hoping that will help me keep better track of my miles in 2012!  And I’m hoping those miles are many! 🙂

As for races in 2011, here’s my New York Road Runners summary and proof that I qualified for NYCM 2012!  Holla!

Yeah, my paces are all over the damn place.

I ran a few additional races, including the Boilermaker in Utica, which I definitely want to do again this summer.  That race is a hilly little b*tch, but in general any event that combines my two favorite things– beer and running?  Sign me up indefinitely!

Saranac Brewery, thank you for kindly (further de)hydrating me post-race. You make a delicious beverage.

What other races will I do in 2012?  Well, I hope to run at least one other marathon because I would really like to run a 3:30 and I do not want to have a time goal for NYCM.  That race is just too damn stressful withOUT having a goal; I can’t fathom running it WITH one.

So yes, I would love to run a 3:30 in 2012 and thus, qualify for Boston in 2013.  I am wary of saying this publicly, though, because 3:30 is a lofty goal for me.  It involves shaving nearly 9 minutes off of my PR.  Some days I think this is  definitely a possibility; others I think definitely not.

Oh yeah, and there’s that whole PF thing that I think I’ve mentioned a few times before… kind of a factor…

I am NOT running Surf City.  I need to be nice to my foot so I can run many, many more miles in the future.  That race is cursed for me anyway.  Second damn year in a row I signed up for it and am not able to run it.  Harumpf.

I AM running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler!  I’m excited for this.  I love DC and I’ve never been at cherry blossom time.

I AM signed up for the Manhattan Half, which is scarily soon.  Not sure if my li’l foot will be up to snuff by then…

If and when my foot gets better, I will run many, many more races, ’cause I love races and stuff.

I’m really losing focus here…

Anyhow, one final good thing that happened this year was that I discovered running blogs and started reading them obsessively.  Then I started this li’l blog.  And while most times I feel it is boring as hell, I have had fun with it!

So, thanks for being, all-in-all, a pretty sweet year, 2011!  Happy New Year, everyone!  Bring it on, 2012! 🙂

This thing is gonna get decorated to the MAX in 2012!

Bah Humbug… ish

27 Dec

Well…  I’m still injured and still not running.  Harumpf!

I did jack sh*t physically while I was home in Ohio.  Unless you count hoisting beers and cookies and pancakes (oh my!) into my mouth.  If you do, then I was quite active!  (I am swimming in a pool of self-loathing today.  This is also not actually a physical activity.)

So, last Tuesday, I promised myself I would get an elliptical workout in at my work gym before heading off to the homeland.  And sure enough, after work, I changed into my gym clothes and met my work BFF, Kim, at the gym.  Since she was already on the elliptical, I decided to do a (slow!) treadmill run.  I did about 6 miles in an hour-ish on the TM (I told you I was slow!) and I felt as though I had taken drugs (not that I’ve ever done drugs!) afterward.  I felt AWE. SOME.  However, my foot didn’t feel so awesome.  I don’t know why I thought running slowly would make a difference, but I do think that running on a TM is slightly better on my stupid foot than running on pavement.  Anyhow, I’m discouraged because this PF BS insists on lingering.  But here’s a couple shots of what I get to look at while I’m using my work gym.  Not too bad!

Then, Wednesday morning I boarded a flight to DC.  Though I pretty much always fly direct to Dayton, (hate dealing with travel nonsense!) the flights for Christmas were prohibitively expensive, so I allowed a “quick” stopover in DC this time around, thinking “DC is an OK layover.  It’s not like I’m going clear out of the way to Atlanta or something.”  This would have been all well and good had USAir not canceled my flight from DC to Dayton and not been able to book me on anything until 6 hours later.  RAWR.

So, I did what any normal person would do and checked my bag (USAir kindly waived the fee– it was the least they could do!) and figured out how to navigate the complicated DC metro system (you have to swipe your card to get OUT, too!  WTH, dude?) and found my way to the closest mall– at Pentagon City– and entertained myself there.  I got my nails done, did a lot of shopping, and treated myself to a burger and a beer.  Then, I headed back to the airport for my 6 PM flight…. except it turned into more of an 8:30 PM flight, thanks to further delays.  Ah, the holidays!

My time in Ohio was pleasant but rushed, as always.  I had a lovely breakfast with some of my HS besties at the famed Golden Nugget, where I engaged in some of the aforementioned pancake-hoisting.

Jen and Jill, who is expecting a li'l bebe in 2012!

with Jess and baby Vi

We did some reminiscing about how our entire gang spent the night at Jen’s the night before our final day of high school, then we went to the Golden Nugget, and us girls wore the forbidden spaghetti strap shirts to school.  “Do you have a picture of that?” you ask.  You bet your a$$ I do.

Lookin' fine in '99


I also spent some QT with my awesome fam and we did the whole obligatory present stuff and overeating.

3 generations of awesome!

My nephew is adorable and perfect in every way, including being a bad-a$$ colorer.

My niece rocks. (HAHA, GET IT??)

A small portion of the spread at my mom's. Wish I could say I ate mostly the stuff in the middle, but let's face it-- the cheese is always where it's at.

My sis-in-law MADE these hot cocoas on a stick. SHE EVEN MADE THE MARSHMALLOWS. Amazing!

Goose Island Mild Winter Ale was the bev of choice for the day. My bro and I gave it 2 thumbs up.

And on that note… my bro got me this special edition Dogfish Head beer for Christmas!

I love DFH and who DOESN'T love Pearl Jam??!! Can't WAIT to try it!

My mom MADE this for me and I LOVE it!!!  Sooo awesome and thoughtful.  This is for my medals!

Can't wait to hang my medals up! Here's hoping I get a few more in 2012....

This is where my medals currently reside– all hanging from one flimsy nail stuck into the corner of my bookshelf.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t knock them down whenever I am reaching for certain articles of clothing.

My Christmas rounded out with a visit to this little lady.  And speaking of ROUND– she is adorably (and infuriatingly) still in tip-top shape and just has a little round baby bump.  I was seriously floored when I saw her hot pregnant a$$.  This is my dear, dear friend Jennifer, with whom I ran the Flying Pig marathon twice and the NYC marathon once.

She is lucky she is pregnant, 'cause otherwise I would have slapped her when she said she is still running regularly. *insert angelic face here.*

So, now I’m back in NYC and supposed to be packing, as I am moving on New Years Eve!  YIKES.  I suck at packing and I hate moving, but need to keep my eye on the prize.  (“The prize” being living in sin with my bomb-a$$ bf.)

And speaking of keeping my eye on the prize, I WANT THE PRIZE.  (This time “THE PRIZE” refers to running.  I know I’m all over the place right now.  Deal with it.)  Oh man, do I want it.  I told myself I would put in a good hour at the gym this morning before work.  However, as per usual, I could not motivate to get out of bed to go to the stinky gym, so I wound up doing a measly 25 minutes on the stepper.  And let me tell you, 25 minutes on that thing is pretty torturous in many ways.  (Boring being the main one.)  I would rather run for 2 hours.  I also continue to picture myself winding up on Tosh.0 since I am clumsy as hell.

My foot still hurts.  Which makes me very sad.  I would give anything to go running pain-free right now.  I know I’m a drama queen, but it’s true!  I also miss these beloved guys:

Shoes, pretty shoes... I want you back in my life.

I know I'm a f**king cliche, but DAMN I LOVE SHOES.

It’s a good thing it’s a very chill week at work, ’cause I can get away with this hotness.

Oh yeah, rolled up jeans + white Brooks Adrenalines. It's all the rage!

My foot better RECOGNIZE that I am making all kinds of sacrifices and get better STAT!

Annnnd… I’m starting to sound like a crazy lady, so I’m out for now!  Hope everyone had very happy holidays!

What’s the Best Way To Run a Race While Injured?

19 Dec

Friday night was a lot of fun.  T and I went and saw The Book Of Mormon with our friends Steve and Danielle.  We bought these tickets in August, so this has been a long time coming.  And it was a cute show!

Afterward, we went to Terroir in Murray Hill, where we shared some food plates and a lotta wine…

…Bringing me to 7:38 AM Saturday morning.  Race is at 8.  T awakens me.  I am lying on top of my bed, wearing my coat and my scarf… and my PF boot.  (T explains that I refused to take off my coat and scarf because I was cold, but he DID manage to get my boot on.  Awww, what a good boyfriend.)  Anyhow, did I prepare everything the night before for the race?  No, I did not.  Still drunk Slightly hung over Very tired, I am scrambling around grabbing pants, a top, my IPod, my race bib.  I manage to actually grind some coffee beans AND make a cup of coffee.  I brush my teeth, wash off yesterday’s makeup, dash out the door, and grab a cab to 102nd St. and 5th Avenue.

I knew this was an oversubscribed race, so I thought MAYBE there would still be people leaving the corrals when I arrived (more than 15 mins late, eeek)!  Nope.  It was pretty eerie, but the start mat was still down, (THANKFULLY!!!!!) so I crossed over it and began running the course all by my lonesome.  I saw a sparse amount of bibs, but I was basically by myself, which was… weird!

My foot definitely felt creaky, but it didn’t HURT, per se.  What was hurting was the hangover I was nursing.  With every step, I was thinking, “Ugh, so much wine… not enough food… get this thing over with.”  In the frenzy of the morning, I hadn’t put on my Garmin, but it wasn’t a big deal since my pace was the last thing on my mind.

My hungover misery went on for about the first 4 miles, but then I suddenly found myself caught up with the other racers and I kind of shook myself and thought, “OMG I AM RUNNINGGGG!  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WANTED TO DO FOR SO LONNNNGGGGG!”  The rest of the race was actually quite pleasant!  I was super sad that my foot definitely did not feel better at all, but I was still absolutely thrilled to be running!

After the race, I ran into my friend David and some of his other Fred’s Teammates.  I grabbed some food with them and then went back to my place and napped for hours.

The rest of the weekend was fun and chill.  I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, which makes me VERY happy.  T and I got dinner with friends and got drinks with other friends.  I baked!  (Small miracle)

My favorite Christmas cookies of all time. You know I love something when I actually bake it! They are chocolate-almond and just divine. But they are not pretty-- at least when I make them. They are when my mom does.

And  I met up with Lori and we exchanged goodies and had tea at this really cute spot in Midtown East called David’s Tea.  The original plan was to meet up at Starbucks, but that appeared to be the plan of everyone and their brother yesterday.  When I discovered this cute little spot right next door to the Starbucks where we had planned to meet, I was delighted and relieved.  (Just being inside of the ‘bucks was giving me heart palpitations!)  I am not much of a tea drinker, but Lori and I both got a pumpkin chai iced tea with a dash of skim milk and it was pretty good!

So, that was the weekend.  I am happy that I ran a decent race, despite a mean hangover and a bum foot.  I am happy that I have now fulfilled my qualifications for running the NYCM next year.  I am happy to have gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done.  I am not happy that my stupid foot still hurts.  Suck it, plantar fasciitis!  Suck it, heel spur!  Rawr.

Oh, and the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post?  Run the race hungover, of course!  That way, you can focus on that misery, rather than the actual injury.  I kid, I kid. 😉

All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front… Feet?

15 Dec

So, I’m going a little cuckoo not running, hence the idiotic title of this post.

I feel bad for T.  Real bad.

You should feel bad for him, too.  I am not great company these days.

And you should be ashamed of me, because I simply canNOT get motivated to do anything but run.  Quite a few of the running bloggers I keep up with seem to be injured these days, and yet manage to keep active.  Meggie and Kelly, for instance, are doing aqua jogging (which completely confounds me) yoga, and spinning.

My “workout regime” has been a bit less, uh, ambitious.

After my 7 mile run last Wednesday morning, I told myself to get a grip and promised myself I would stop running altogether for at LEAST 2 weeks (with a few pre-approved deviations I will detail momentarily.)  Though I knew it would be hard, I REALLY do not want to make this problem worse.  I REALLY want to run for years and years and years to come.  So I need to take injuries seriously.

I was pouty about it Thursday morning and ignored my early morning “get up and go to the gym!” alarm.  Same with Friday morning.  After work on Friday, I suffered through 50 seemingly eternal minutes on the elliptical machine at my office’s gym (yes, I know I am lucky to have that option!)  Saturday morning was one of the 2 “pre-approved” runs in the 2 week span.  My friend Danielle and I signed up to do a run with Girls on the Run quite a while ago.  Girls on the Run’s mission (according to its website) is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”  I thought it was a pretty cool organization and was happy to take part in it.

Danielle and I signed up to be “running buddies” to girls who were running a 5K race.  We both envisioned running alongside a girl and encouraging her and having a nice chat– lots of mushy feel-good stuff.  However, the race had fewer girls than it did volunteers, and we both wound up sadly sans buddy.  I think this is an awesome organization and will definitely do something with them in the future.  And I also think there are worse problems than having too many people volunteering!  But we did feel a bit silly crossing the finish line together, looking as though we had ditched our “girls.”  (When, in fact, we were never assigned to any!)  Oh well.  Next time!

Since we did the run pretty slowly, it didn’t feel like much of a workout.  I dragged myself to the gym and settled in on this guy…. for about 20 minutes.

Though it was a good workout, it still is not running (DUH, KATIE!) and I am extremely clumsy and tripped on maybe every 3rd step, thus rendering me fairly paranoid the entire time that I was going to tumble down the stairs and wind up in a viral YouTube video.

Friday night was fun.  T and I met up with our friends Tim and Kim downtown at an adorable and delicious restaurant called Tremont.  Tremont is actually a community in Cleveland and the restaurant is named after that community, since the owners spent a lot of time there together.  So T got wind of it that way, Cleveland native that he is, and we were all glad that he did!  We’ll definitely be back.  Great food, great company, beautiful space!

delicious clam appetizer

Chicken entree, stuffed with mushroom bread pudding. YUM.

Then, we stopped by a friend’s birthday party before calling it a night.

Sunday, T had to work, and I spent 45 minutes on the Stairmaster before meeting up with my friends Eric, Todd, and Diane for some food.  Then we went to Central Park’s Wollman Rink for some ice skating!

I hadn’t ice skated in, oh, ten years, so I felt a bit of trepidation as we approached.  But in no time, I was gliding along on the ice with complete confidence.  OK, so the skates had literally zero arch support inside of them (shocker!) so my foot did hurt a bit after I took them off.  But other than that, it was totally an awesome time!  (Albeit, a bit pricey with skate and locker rental + admission.)  But worth it!  I want to go back!

Rink cleared for Zamboni time! Look at that view!

the gang, apres-skate

look at that view!

Then, we went and got some beers at The House of Brews, as we are wont to do. This is a tradition since our days of working in the theatre district!  So, despite T having to work, I managed to have a fun Sunday!

Monday morning, I went to a spin class at the gym, annnnnd… that was the last exercise I did this week.  Although I have intended to go to the gym every morning since then, it’s been so difficult to get out of bed.  Of course,  I have absolutely no problem getting out of bed at any hour for a run, but I can’t seem to motivate to do anything else.  I suck.  But I HAVE been bootin’ it up most nights for bed, and working the arch-supporting shoes like no other.

I absolutely LOATHE the sneakers-for-the-commute look, so please applaud me for listening to the doc and doing it.

My second pre-approved running venture is on Saturday morning and, oh, it should be interesting.  I should explain that I really don’t have the option not to do it, because it is my 9th race in the 9+1 program for guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC marathon.  And I would cry actual tears if I ran 8 races and volunteered all for naught.  Anyhow, tomorrow night, T and I are going to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway with our friends Steve and Danielle.  We bought these tickets in AUGUST and are soooo excited to finally see it!  Afterwards, we are going out to dinner and — let’s be honest– will probably have many drinks, as well.  The Ted Corbitt 15K starts bright and early at 8 AM on Saturday morning. I’m thinking that a bum foot, coupled with very little  speedwork in the past month, and essentially no running in the past week, and likely a hangover will produce less than noteworthy results.  I just really hope my foot doesn’t hurt.  It would be a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE if my PF was cured and I felt no pain!  You hear that, Santa?

So yes, I’ve been doing some fun stuff and life is  merry and lovely.  But to be honest, I’ve been seriously blue about not running, which makes me ashamed!  Because in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge deal.  I really wish I could be one of those people that is totally chill about taking a (needed!) respite from running.  But T’s roommate intimated on Tuesday night that my running days may quite possibly be over, and this threw me into a dark tailspin.  So, I am accepting any and all reminders and encouragement that I will be up and running (pun intended) before too, too long.  (I know I am pathetic!)  Mmmkay, thanks. 🙂

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

7 Dec

Yep, I know I’m ripping off the title from a Clint Eastwood movie.  I’ve never seen it, but I will say he was a stone-cold fox back in the day.

Oh heyyyy, blue eyes. You're smokin'! (Literally! Hahaha I'm hilarious)

Ahem.  Anyhow.

So, I’ve got a few things to report and will do so in the order of the movie title.


I had to be at work at 7 AM this morning for a meeting.  (Hear me out– this is obviously not the good part.)  I got up at 4:45 and ran a pretty good 6-miler AND made it to work on time.  Holla!  I’m really paranoid that I’m losing all the speed I gained training for Columbus/NYCM, especially since I’ve now blown off my running class 3 weeks in a row (not good.)  So I made myself toss in a faster mile, (for me) just to make sure I’m still somewhat of a runner.  The entire run averaged something like 8:20ish miles, but mile 5 was 7:20ish.  Solid effort.


Sooo… turns out T has to work and thus cannot accompany me to California for marathon #12.  This sucks a lot, because we had tickets booked and everything.  Consider me very sad.  I am completely unsure of what I am going to do.  But I have this bad feeling that this race is cursed for me.  I was supposed to run it last year, but had to pull out due to a family member being hospitalized. 😦  You may be thinking, “But Katie, why don’t you just go run it with a different companion?”  Excellent question!  That brings us to…


I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just say, check out my sexy new footgear for bed.

Say hello to Das Boot, as T calls it

Yep.  I have to wear this sucker to bed from here until… uh, not really sure when.  Remember how I mentioned that I had a foot issue and saw a doc the day after NYCM?  That issue never really went away, but it was bearable enough that I could sorta kinda ignore it.  But then last week when I ramped up to 48 miles, my dog was barkin’.  Kelly recommended her sports med dude and he got me in for an appointment quickly.  He also did not make me wait 2+ hours in the waiting room (what a concept.)  He also x-rayed my foot and showed it to me.

That’s not my foot, but that is basically what it looked like.  That li’l heel spur is the telltale sign of the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

So, there we have it:  the real reason my right foot has been a little b*tch for the past month and a half or so.

So the doc gave me the sexy boot to wear to bed, which I’ve been doing.  He told me to stretch a lot, which I’ve been doing.  He told me to roll out the bottom of my foot with a frozen water bottle, which I’ve been doing.  And he said to try not to be barefoot ever and to always try and be wearing shoes with support.  Mostly doing this  — though it’s hard, ’cause it’s been raining and I’ve been wearing rainboots to commute.  And I can’t wear sneakers at work.  But I have been wearing my sneaks around my apartment, rather than going barefoot.

He also said that I should cut back on running and basically implied that I shouldn’t do the marathon in Feb.  I hope I don’t regret having shared this, because I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  But there it is.

I don’t really know what else to say.  The boot and rolling out my foot have already made my foot feel better.  But it’s still not normal.  And I want it to be.  And I don’t want to cut back on running!  Though I know I should!  I’m going in circles here…

That’s all I’ve got for now.  If anyone has any PF stories, I’d LOVE to hear ’em!

A 48 Mile Week, But More Importantly, AN AWESOME BURGER

5 Dec

So my blog post titles are not all that creative, but at least they are to the point!

I am fairly pleased with myself for having run 48 miles last week, after not running very much at all since NYCM.  My paces were not fast, but I got the miles done.  However, I feel kind of “meh” about running these days.  Yesterday was a day when I was running just because it’s what I do

I’ve always thought it’s very easy to get caught up in the running madness in the summer and fall when everyone is training for a fall marathon.  The blogs are a-buzz with pre-marathon excitement and training details.  The park is crawling with individual runners and different running groups at all hours of the day and night.  You can’t escape the excitement and the energy.

But post NYCM… it slows down a LOT.  So not only am I worn out from having run those 2 marathons, but it’s tough to get motivated when the buzz just isn’t buzzing like it was. (Very poetic.)

So, although I have this sunny li’l race to look forward to, I’ve been dealing with some serious motivation issues.  And other than enlisting some buddies to join me (Thank you, Erica!  Thank you, Jane!) I just tell myself, “You’re going to do this, ’cause running is what you do.  You’re a runner.”

It usually works.  As I’ve stated previously, I like my job and am lucky to have it, but in no way do I identify myself by it. I tend to identify myself first and foremost as A Runner.  So if I don’t do that, (run) then who/what am I?

OK, I really don’t intend to get too philosophical here, so here’s the breakdown from last week:

Mon:  nada

Tues: skipped running class; nada

Weds:  6 miles, including Q’boro Bridge @ 8:30ish pace

Thurs: 13.5 miles w/ Erica @ 9:00ish pace

Fri:  6.5 miles w/ Jane @ 9:30ish pace (stomach ache slowed me up)

Sat: 6 miles in park (w/ some pathetic strides) @ 8:40ish pace

Sun:  16 miles partially w/ Jane @ 8:55ish pace

Total: 48 miles

This week Pfitzinger calls for 43 miles, which seems do-able.  I should probably start doing some speedwork again. (Blah.)  I should also probably attend class for the first time in 3 weeks tomorrow.

As for the weekend, I had some delicious food with some nice friends.  Fri. night, T and I went to Edo Sushi with Ben (my best guy friend from HS.)  It was really delicious!  Not to mention beautiful!

this is just *some* of the sushi we ate

Then, we went out for a few brews and called it an early-ish night.  Saturday, we basically slept all day, which was shameful, ’cause it was a beautiful day.  I think my body was still pissed at me from the 4:30 AM wakeup call on Thurs.  I did manage to squeeze in 6 miles in the park.  But more importantly, we caught this on television.  I think it’s safe to say we resembled this by the time the program was over:

So I looked at him and said what we were both thinking:  “We are totally going there tonight.”

Which is exactly what we did.

I have to say that I freaking LOVE the fact that I live in a city where I can see a restaurant on TV and then I can go to said restaurant.  And let it be said here and now that the burger at the Brindle Room is just magical.  Though I should also say that I don’t believe it is on the regular menu; only the brunch menu.  But since we asked nicely, (and our waitress was super sweet and awesome) they made us the burger anyway.  IT IS GOOD AND YOU SHOULD GO THERE NOW.

And finally, I just put my name in for the NYC Half.  I’ve never run this race before, or even applied.  But I figured why not!?

13.5 Before Work

1 Dec

Annnnd I’m back.  (Sort of.  Not really.)

Tuesday night, I skipped class in favor of NOT getting drenched.  This was the second week in a row that it was pouring rain and I opted out.  Oops.

Instead, I went over to T’s and gave this a sample.  I really do like chicory, so I wanted to try this.  It was… good.  Interesting.  Not my favorite.  But good.

T stuck to what he knows best.

I also want to document here that he stated he would do this with me next year.  It’s in the blog.  It’s basically contracted.

The following morning, (yesterday) I thought maybe I’d try and run 14 miles.  Instead, I slept in a bit and ran 6.  Still!  It was the most miles I’d run since the marathon!  I was pretty pleased with myself and kept it around 8:30 miles.

Last night, I went to Beauty and Essex with my very good friend (and co-worker, and personal stylist and general fashionista)  Kim.  I’d been once before and had a nice time.  It’s definitely a fun vibe and a good place to get a “downtown NYC” feel.  The food is serviceable; good, even.  We split 2 entrees– the salmon (which was very delicious, I will say) and the parsnip ravioli, which was pretty meh.  Though I am generally loath to drink cocktails (just don’t love the taste of them, get mean hangovers from them, and just plain prefer beer always) I did get one, because this is more of a cocktail kind of restaurant.  The one I got, however — the Dark Chocolate Velvet– incorporated beer, so I thought it was my best bet.  This cocktail was Guinness mixed with Prosecco.  I love both of these things separately, but the combination was … lackluster.  Oh well.

This is me and Kim, but not from last night. It's now December and I am not that tan. Sad.

Then, this morning, I got up at 4:30 and ran 13.5 miles!  Yes, I am uber pleased with myself.  I am also pleased with my bada$$ buddy Erica who met me at 5 AM at the park and joined me for the majority of these miles.  Erica, by the way, ran the 18 mile tune-up in September, JUST FOR FUN, ’cause you know, running 18 miles when not even training for a marathon is fun!  Haha.  She is awesome.

This is me and Erica. Not this morning, obviously. My friends are pretty.

Anyhow, Erica joined me for about 9 of the miles and was excellent company.  My splits, especially near the end, were ridiculous, though.  Mile 11 was 7:57 and mile 12 was 9:49 (I had to stop and walk, ’cause my stomach was hurting.)  I also had to cut my run short at 13.5 rather than the 14 I set out to do, ’cause of the stomach ache.  But all-in-all, I am pleased I did it.  Now if only my foot weren’t hurting again… ugh.

So, I’m officially back into the Pfitzinger plan.  I have 2 more 6-milers and a 16 miler to do this week.  Eeeeyikes.  Also, it’s December!  And officially cold!  I ran this morning in a long-sleeved tee-shirt and shorts.  I thought my fingers were actually going to get frost bitten.  Brrrrr!