13.5 Before Work

1 Dec

Annnnd I’m back.  (Sort of.  Not really.)

Tuesday night, I skipped class in favor of NOT getting drenched.  This was the second week in a row that it was pouring rain and I opted out.  Oops.

Instead, I went over to T’s and gave this a sample.  I really do like chicory, so I wanted to try this.  It was… good.  Interesting.  Not my favorite.  But good.

T stuck to what he knows best.

I also want to document here that he stated he would do this with me next year.  It’s in the blog.  It’s basically contracted.

The following morning, (yesterday) I thought maybe I’d try and run 14 miles.  Instead, I slept in a bit and ran 6.  Still!  It was the most miles I’d run since the marathon!  I was pretty pleased with myself and kept it around 8:30 miles.

Last night, I went to Beauty and Essex with my very good friend (and co-worker, and personal stylist and general fashionista)  Kim.  I’d been once before and had a nice time.  It’s definitely a fun vibe and a good place to get a “downtown NYC” feel.  The food is serviceable; good, even.  We split 2 entrees– the salmon (which was very delicious, I will say) and the parsnip ravioli, which was pretty meh.  Though I am generally loath to drink cocktails (just don’t love the taste of them, get mean hangovers from them, and just plain prefer beer always) I did get one, because this is more of a cocktail kind of restaurant.  The one I got, however — the Dark Chocolate Velvet– incorporated beer, so I thought it was my best bet.  This cocktail was Guinness mixed with Prosecco.  I love both of these things separately, but the combination was … lackluster.  Oh well.

This is me and Kim, but not from last night. It's now December and I am not that tan. Sad.

Then, this morning, I got up at 4:30 and ran 13.5 miles!  Yes, I am uber pleased with myself.  I am also pleased with my bada$$ buddy Erica who met me at 5 AM at the park and joined me for the majority of these miles.  Erica, by the way, ran the 18 mile tune-up in September, JUST FOR FUN, ’cause you know, running 18 miles when not even training for a marathon is fun!  Haha.  She is awesome.

This is me and Erica. Not this morning, obviously. My friends are pretty.

Anyhow, Erica joined me for about 9 of the miles and was excellent company.  My splits, especially near the end, were ridiculous, though.  Mile 11 was 7:57 and mile 12 was 9:49 (I had to stop and walk, ’cause my stomach was hurting.)  I also had to cut my run short at 13.5 rather than the 14 I set out to do, ’cause of the stomach ache.  But all-in-all, I am pleased I did it.  Now if only my foot weren’t hurting again… ugh.

So, I’m officially back into the Pfitzinger plan.  I have 2 more 6-milers and a 16 miler to do this week.  Eeeeyikes.  Also, it’s December!  And officially cold!  I ran this morning in a long-sleeved tee-shirt and shorts.  I thought my fingers were actually going to get frost bitten.  Brrrrr!

2 Responses to “13.5 Before Work”

  1. runningseal December 1, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Wow! Super impressed you ran 13.5 miles before work! I can barely get out of my bed in the morning to get to work…

  2. thethinksicanthink December 3, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    I am a terrible morning runner – 13.5 would never happen before work. What marathon are you training for?

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