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24 Jan

Oh man.  It’s been a rough few days.  Suddenly, this not running thing is hitting me very hard.

I mean, I admit that if you read my posts from the past 6 weeks or so, I’ve probably mentioned in every single one that PF sucks, not running is the worst, blah blah blah.

But for some reason the past few days have felt really extra horrible because of not running and today, I’m feeling totally blue.  I actually cried at my desk at work.  (OMG, I am a tool.  I admit it.  I’m ashamed.)

When feeling blue, I should just think of this. This movie never fails to make me giggle.

One of my wonderful friends very astutely pointed out that initially, I was distracted with the holidays/travel, then moving, then adjusting to co-habitating.  In other words, I had plenty of things to focus on instead of dwelling on my bum-a$$ foot.  But now, it’s consuming me.  (Cue the violins!)

Though I am fairly loath to emo-ing out too much here on the blog, I’m hoping that maybe venting a bit will make me feel a little better?  Maybe?

Anyhow, the status of the foot remains the same.  I have not run AT ALL in 2 weeks.  I had been running, albeit very little, since the PF diagnosis.  Nothing more than twice a week, and just a 5 miler here and a 4 miler there (with the exception of the Ted Corbitt 15K.)  However, 2 weeks ago when I admitted to myself that my foot was not getting better at all, I thought maybe I should wisen up and drop the running completely for a bit.

This is me stubbornly running the Ted Corbitt 15K on Dec 17, even though I had a nasty hangover, AND had just gotten my PF diagnosis. It feels like ages ago.

There has been no change in my foot that I can see.

I also went to Physical Therapy twice last week and am going again tonight.  I was feeling really positive about it.  I thought my foot was getting better.  But then, the pain returned, and remained.  I’ve been doing the exercises at home like I’m supposed to.  I’m still wearing arch supporting inserts in every single piece of footwear that I’ve had on.  I’M EVEN SLEEPING IN THE MOTHER EFFING BOOT.

You remember the boot. It's comfy and cozy, like a fuzzy pair of slippers... It's just the thing I want to wear to bed!


While going through and clearing out my bookmarked websites on my computer today and came across this link, and I actually felt an ACHE for that day.  I remember it was a lovely spring day, just a touch of a chill in the air.  It was my first time running with Ali, and it was really fun!

So then I started thinking, “OMG what if springtime comes and I’m still not running?”  I really think I might lose it if the dreadful winter months pass, springtime arrives, and I’m still burdened with this effing PF.

OK, I need to chill.  This is certainly not the end of the world.  I need to stop being a little b*tch.  It HAS to get better, and until then, I need to woman up.

In happier news, I saw a great play last night on Broadway.  I definitely recommend Stick Fly (produced by Alicia Keys.)  The cast as a whole is pretty fantastic, but the bright spot in it for me was Condola Rashad, who is Felicia Rashad (Claire Huxtable!)’s daughter.  I was inclined to assume some theatre nepotism was going on there with casting her fresh out of college, but she is actually a real talent.  I hope she wins a Tony!

Also, NYRR decided to make the Manhattan Half a fun run, so I wound up getting a point for it, even though I didn’t run it because of… well… you know.  Anyway, whatever, yippee.  I would have rather run the freaking thing in the snow than have this crap injury, but I’ll take this little gift anyway.  One 2012 race down, 8 to go.  Hoping I can put a dent in those 8 sooner rather than later!  (And, to be clear, I hope to do that by actually RUNNING THEM.)  FINGERS CROSSED!

I Am a Bad Friend

18 Jan

A few things:

-I did the elliptical for an hour at my work gym on Fri.  It was boring.  And my freaking foot actually hurt from the elliptical!  Argh.  Anyhow, that’s the last exercise I did.  Ho hum.

The view from my work gym is aite...

-I went to physical therapy last night and was given a bunch of stretches I should do on my own.  I am also going back on Thursday.  The therapist said he had seen cases much worse than mine and that he hoped I’d be up and running in 4-6 weeks.  I hope he is right.  I can live with that.

-T made me sweet potato and chicken pot pie.  He is the bomb.  It is DELICIOUS.

oh, yum

-The Manhattan Half is this weekend.  This is is the 2nd year in a row that I’ve been signed up for it and won’t be running it.  Last year, I didn’t run it because a family member was in the hospital, so I went home instead.  This year’s no-show is obviously for a better reason than last year’s, but it’s still a bummer! 😦  It’s not that it’s a race that I love, per se, but I just hate signing up for a race and not running it.  Also, I miss running.  Have I mentioned that I miss running?

This is me running the MNH Half in 2010. Seems like a long time ago.

-Finally, the friend thing.  So, I like to consider myself a pretty good friend.  I’m not so good at standing up for myself, but if someone f**ks with one of my friends, you better believe I will get fired up.  I have been a bridesmaid 12(?) times, which I like to think means at least that many people think I’m a good friend.  However, I caught myself being a terrible friend today.  In response to an emailed brunch proposal, my friend replied with the following:

Wish I could make it!  I’m running a 5K on Sunday morning.  I came in third place in my age group at the last two races, thank you very much. One of the b*tches that keeps beating me is named XXX XXXX, of
XXXXX (yes, we are the only people from Manhattan that show up at these races).  This week, I’m taking XXXXX down.

I am ashamed to say that my initial response to this email was not a surge of pride, but rather a stab of jealousy!  Because I want to be racing, damn it!  I want that rush of competition!  I want it ALLLL!

Green-eyed monster, alive and well

My jealousy was quickly followed by pride in my friend, but I still felt bad that that was my initial reaction.

PF, not only are you ruining my life, but you are making me a jacka$$ friend.  GO AWAY.

That’s all for today. 🙂

“I like you this morning!”

13 Jan

Yep, that’s what T said to me as we left the apartment yesterday morning, in a tone that said, “I am pleasantly surprised by this!”  Why would he say a thing like that?  Well lately, I have been a grumbly mess in the mornings.  I am tired, I’m cranky, and I just don’t feel right.  Not running in the mornings makes me feel like my day just has started out on the wrong foot.  So, though I knew I shouldn’t, I went for a run yesterday.  Just a baby run, though!  And I had a good reason!

So, Wednesday, I promised some of my co-workers I would bring in some Brooklyn Bagels.  I’ve mentioned before how much I love these babies, despite my puzzlement that there are several outposts in my neighborhood and one in Chelsea, but not a single one in Brooklyn.  Anyhow, I wanted to share the glory that is these bagels and their fantastic accompanying spreads with my beloved colleagues.  And I knew that my a$$ would not be able to get up early enough to pick them up before heading to work.  But I knew my a$$ WOULD be fully capable of getting up early for a run, so that’s just what I did.  I went for a quick jaunt through Astoria and partway up the Queensboro Bridge, then turned around and hit up BKB on the way back.  A little 4-miler.

At BKB, I picked up 2 mini whole wheat bagels slathered with Nutella cream cheese.  (Oh yes, they have Nutella flavored cream cheese.)

1 mini whole wheat kalamata olive cream cheese-laden bagel:

and 1 mini egg bagel with jalapeno asiago cream cheese:

They were all awesome.

And the run?  Well, the run itself was great.  It was blustery and pouring down rain and by the time I got home, I was dripping wet.  And I didn’t care at all.  I was just so happy to be running.  But I paid the price.  My foot hurt for the rest of the day.

I had a 3-minute phone conversation with my doctor on Wednesday.  When I told him that I was doing everything he’d said to do (boot to bed, shoes with support, cutting way back on running, icing, etc) and that it still wasn’t working, he prescribed physical therapy for me.  My first appointment is on Tuesday.  I am REALLY hoping that this is the magic element that will make the PF go f*ck itself so that I can focus on my 3:30 marathon goal.  With each week that goes by where my mileage is minimal or nil, that goal seems further and further from possible… sigh.

But enough grousing!

On a lighter note, I saw Godspell on Broadway on Tuesday and loved it!  When I was growing up, we had the record and listened to it all the time, so the songs evoked my youth for me.

I used to work in Broadway marketing and saw sooo many shows back then.  I was OBSESSED with Broadway.  It’s definitely a part of why I chose to move to NYC in the first place.  My college thesis was even about Broadway musicals!  But that obsession has lapsed a bit since I left the industry.  I still love them, but I don’t spend hours a day reading and… now it’s more like 😉

Anyhow, Godspell reminded me why I love Broadway.  The performers were so talented and the staging was really creative.  There really was no set and yet it felt as though nothing was missing.  Here’s a clip if you’re interested.

The last Broadway show I saw was Book of Mormon… seems I’m on a religion-themed musicals kick!

TGIF and happy weekend!

Whiny Post With Pretty Pics

9 Jan

So, yeah, it’s been a little while since I updated.  That’s mainly ’cause I’m super salty that my foot is still being an a**hole.  *insert angelic face here*

Since last I wrote, I:

(1) moved

(2) drank a lotta beer with some cool, fun friends

(3) worked, then walked home over the Queensboro Bridge with my good friend, Cookie

(4) ran 5ish miles

(5) ran 4ish miles

(6) went to Happy Hour (see #2)

(7) went out to delicious tapas with cool, fun friends in my old ‘hood

(8) had a wonderful visitor of the Irish variety

This is my dear friend Elizabeth. She is not Irish, but she does live in Dublin and has for many years since we graduated college. Also, neither one of us is naked in this pic, though that does appear to be the case.

(9) Went to a birthday party (again, in my old ‘hood.  I find it ironic that since I’ve moved from the UES, I’ve spent more time hanging out there than I ever did when I was actually a resident!

(10) Went to a fun trivia night in Brooklyn and aided my team’s 5th place victory with my knowledge of Lady Gaga lyrics and Judy Blume novels

(11) Sulked a TON about my foot

(12) Visited an island!

So, since Saturday was positively balmy, T and I took a little trek to Roosevelt Island.  For those who do not know, Roosevelt Island is a little island (duh) between Manhattan and Queens and is about 2 miles long.  It had an estimated population of 12,000 in 2007 (thanks, Wikipedia!)  It used to have a “Lunatic Asylum” on it.

And it is weird as sh*t.

I’m sorry, but it is one of the strangest places I have ever been.  I seriously felt as though I was in an M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie.  Bizarre.  I don’t know how to put it into words.  It’s worth a visit, just so you can see it.

Anyhow, T and I walked across the Triborough Bridge to get there, and then we kind of wandered to the water, where we looked at Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge and stuff.

Then we went to the Riverwalk Bar and got a couple Goose Island IPAs and hung out for a bit.

Then we walked toward the tram, which is one of the 2 modes of public transportation to and from RI (the other is the F train.)

There goes the tram! What a beautiful day.

Approaching the loading dock, or whatever you want to call it

Looking up at the bridge as we approach the tram

And so we got on the tram and rode it to Manhattan.  I have to admit I usually have some serious trepidation when on ski lifts and was afraid I would experience the same on this thing (yes, I know, I’m a wuss) but it was actually cool and not scary at all.  And since it was such a gorgeous day, there were really beautiful views.

Looking down at the path I've run so many times

approaching the City

almost back on solid ground!

Anyhow, I didn’t intend for this to be such a Roosevelt Island-heavy post, but since it was such a gorgeous day, I wound up with a lot of pretty pictures!


I ran a 5-miler and a 4-miler last week and iced my foot like a maniac all week long.  I am literally sitting with a frozen water bottle under my desk all damn day.  I’m sleeping in that darn boot that causes me to wake up every single night in the middle of the night and have a pep talk with myself that even though I really want to take it off, ’cause it’s so darn uncomfortable, I need to leave it on so I can heal and run again.

I haven’t worn any of these beauties in a long, long time.

I miss you guys

All I wear are sneakers or some sort of boot that is big enough to allow my special arch-supporting inserts to fit in.

But my foot still hurts.  I called my doc last week to ask what else I can do and am currently awaiting a call back.  WAHHHHHHHHHH.


But, looking forward to the future, my official NYCM 2012 status came through last week!

And I just signed up for the Boilermaker, which is a super fun race!

It’s totally all good!

Sorry for the completely not cohesive post, but I’m a little nutty sans running.  I hope everyone’s 2012 is awesome so far, and I hope your weekends were wonderful, and if you’re in NYC, you better have gotten outside! 🙂