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8:00 and “I Can’t”

13 Dec

So, I am generally a pretty positive person, but every now and then, I pull an Uncle Frank (You be positive, I’ll be realistic!)

My favorite Christmas movie.  Anyone?

My favorite Christmas movie. Anyone?

This has been happening a lot lately.  On my MGP runs, on my tempo runs, on my Yassos… pretty much on any run that is not a prescribed “easy run,” I find myself saying in my head, I can’t.  Then I quickly attempt to demolish that thought with, Shut up, you a**hole, of course you can.  Not exactly the most positive way to recover from negative thoughts…

So… my MGP (Marathon Goal Pace) is 8 minute miles.  This is a lofty goal for me.  For my first 2 marathons, I didn’t even have a Garmin, and for the following 5, I only used it for training runs so I knew my distance– I never paid attention to my pace at ALL.  But it was generally pretty slow.  Then, when I finally started paying attention and giving a shit, I was happy with any mile that began with an “8,” even if it was 8:59.

Sometimes I miss those days of blissful ignorance…

But I will say it’s been gratifying to improve with hard work.  This morning, I ran 10 miles with 8 of them at MGP.  I started getting inside of my head about halfway through the run:  What are you thinking?  You can’t run 26.2 8-minute miles!  You are struggling with 8 miles at this pace!  (I actually wasn’t, it just didn’t feel “easy,” but when does running ever feel completely effortless?)  And anyway, I didn’t think I could ever, EVER run a sub 4:00 marathon.  Much less a sub-3:40 marathon.  Maybe I should try believing in myself a bit more?

This week is a big one for me.  I’ll be running a total of 59 miles, which will be the most I’ve ever run in a week.  (I really don’t know how some of you people do MsPW well into the 60s, 70s,and even 80s…)  Next week I’ll run 60.  I really want and need to stay focused and positive.  Uncle Frank, go f*ck yourself!

Obligatory running recap:

Mon 12/3 — 45 mins Flywheel, then 4 easy miles

Tues 12/4 — 8 mi tempo (middle miles around 7:30 pace)

Weds 12/5 — 5 mi with strides

Thurs 12/6 — 9 mi with 7 @ MGP

Fri 12/7 — rest

Sat 12/8 — 20 mi.  Started at home, ran over the Q’boro Bridge, down Manhattan to the BK Bridge, over the Bridge, got a little lost, found my way, ran to Prospect Park, ran the Jingle Bell Jog (slow as hell and I also just barely made it to the start before they took the mats up), then ran to the Barclays Center and got on the train.  Ave pace was 8:55 with my fastest mile being mile 18 (8:15) and my slowest being mile 20 (9:48; I had pretty much thrown in the towel by then + had to stop at a lot of traffic lights.)

Sun 12/9 — 5 mi easy

Mon 12/10 — 6 mi easy

Tues 12/11 — 9 mi including 6 Yasso 800s

Weds 12/12 — much-needed rest day

today — 10 mi with 8 at MGP

tomorrow — 22 mi (eek!) This will be the most I’ve ever run at one time during a marathon training cycle…

Other stuff:

-I finally met Josie!  She rocks!  Hi Josie! 🙂

-T is the best and took me to my favorite restaurant, The Spotted Pig, for lunch on Saturday after my 20 miler.  SWOON.

We both ate a delicious burger smothered in gorgonzola.  I also had the best mulled wine of my LIFE!  Salivating just thinking about it...

We both ate a delicious burger smothered in Roquefort cheese. I also had the best mulled wine of my LIFE! Salivating just thinking about it all…

-I ran the Join the Voices 5-miler in Central Park on 12/2.  My time was 37:11.  It was a PR, ’cause I don’t think I’ve ever raced a 5 miler before.  I was also slightly hung over.  Score.

No pics of me in motion at this race for some reason, but I swear I ran it...

No pics of me in motion at this race for some reason, but I swear I ran it…

-I SERIOUSLY SUCK at dressing for winter running.  In the picture above, for instance, I was sweating balls.  However, while I was waiting to run and as soon as I was finished running, I was FREEZING.  Good thing my race is in Miami.  I think I can count on sweating balls for its entirety…

What do you all wear for winter runs?  What do you do when you get all Uncle Frank inside your head?