Done Runs!

For a long time, I ran marathons for the hell of it– just to finish.  I never really pushed myself or paid attention to pacing.  Then, I got my slowest time in my 7th marathon and asked myself why I kept doing something I wasn’t getting any better at…. thus, I’m now a crazy competitive biatch, but luckily I’m only competitive with myself (mostly! ;))

Marathon #1– ING NYC marathon, Nov. 2007 (4:28:25)

annnnd…. I was hooked!

With my wonderful mom after my first marathon, NYC 2007

Marathon #2 — Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon, May 2008 (4:41:20)

good Lord is it hilly…

With my folks

Marathon #3– Loch Ness marathon, Oct 2008 (4:21:26)

very beautiful, but pretty boring

There was a big blow-up Nessie in the finish area

Marathon #4 — Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon, May 2009 (4:34:56)

Why did I do this to myself again??

with my dear friend Jennifer. Not nearly as happy as I look

Marathon #5 — Wakefield, Massachusetts Around the Lake marathon, July 2009 (4:30:33)

I kid you not, this sucker is several laps around the same boring-a$$ lake.  However, I ran it with my bestie and it was her first marathon.  We had a good time.  Also, this thing starts at 7 PM.  WHAT?!

with Emmy, at the start… before 8 laps around the same lake, the last of which we spent singing Indigo Girls songs and Christmas carols to keep ourselves entertained…

Marathon #6 — Columbus marathon, Oct 2009 (4:09:27)

This is my favorite marathon!  So flat!  So well-organized!  My fam was in attendance.  My bro ran!  Yay!

With bro (who ran the half) post-race. Doing a Super Troopers pose. Obviously. “Lock ‘n load!”

Marathon #7 — Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon, May 2010 (4:41:55)

Come on, that’s enough now

Marathon #8 — Columbus marathon, Oct 2010 (3:51:25)

And now I’m FINALLY sub-4in’ it, like I always knew I should

I have to admit, I love this pic.

Marathon #9 — ING NYC marathon, Nov 2010 (4:13:14)

Pretty happy with this finish, considering it was 3 weeks after I PRed Columbus, I had zero time expectations, AND I stopped for a lengthy wait in the port-o-potty line, ’cause I really had to wizz.

Marathon #10 — Columbus marathon, Oct 2011 (3:38:52) ****CURRENT PR!

(link is to race report)

So, so, so very happy to attain what I’d thought to be unattainable– a sub-3:40 finish (just in time for Boston to tighten their qualifying times, but still technically a BQ! ;))

Marathon #11 — ING NYC marathon, Nov 2011 (3:45:35)

(link is to race report)

This was a tough, tough race for me and I definitely struggled in the last few miles (and told myself I was never doing a marathon again– LIES! ;))  But in the end, there is nothing like the NYC marathon and I will of course be doing it again next year… and at least one other marathon (and likely 2) in the meantime.  I’m a sick addict.

Happy at mile 8…. this did not last for the duration of 26.2

I just noticed I am wearing the same tank top in the last 3 marathons I’ve run.  I promise I have more than one running shirt.

Marathon #12 — Air Force Marathon (Dayton, OH– my hometown!),  Sept 2012 (3:47:09)

(link is to race report)

I had a fantastic day here and loved this race.  I did a very low-mileage training program and it served me just fine for my realistic goal of a sub 4-hour race, since I was coming back from 8 months off, due to a b*tch of an injury. 🙂

Marathon #13 — ING Miami Marathon, Jan 2013 (3:43:39)

(link is to race report)

This race broke my heart.  This was my first legit attempt at BQing and I trained my little buns off.  But the heat and the crowds got in my way and I failed to stay mentally strong.  Disappointing race.



Marathon #14 — Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon, Sept 2013 (3:57:29)

Half-assed training and last minute decision to run it anyway.  Turned out to be a fun race!


(apparently I switched over to a new outfit to wear at every marathon)

Marathon #15 — ING NYC marathon, Nov 2013 (3:59:23)

Had a tough day and snagged a sub-4 by the skin of my teeth.  4th time doing NYC and always forget — that race is tough, yo.



Marathon #16 — Asics Los Angeles Marathon, Mar 2014 (3:56:34)

Did this as a training run for Cleveland and had an absolute blast!  Would recommend it to anyone!  I LOVE LA.

katie and maura race

Marathon #17- Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, May 2014 (3:41:47)

(link is to race report)

Beautiful weather, beautiful day, surprised with a better result than expected.

eye on the prize



3 Responses to “Done Runs!”

  1. RoseRunner March 31, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    Something makes me think you live somewhere between Columbus and NYC….

    Keep getting those races done!

  2. Kate @ Run with Kate October 16, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    3:38! Girl, you are speedy!! So, what will marathon #13 be? Are you currently training for it?

    • Katie October 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

      Thanks!!! It was a great day, for sure. 🙂 Marathon #13 is a mere weeks away… NYC Marathon!!! How about you?!

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