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Bicycling and tapering

3 Oct

I ran for the first time since Thursday this morning!  Only 5 miles– from T’s place, halfway over the Q’boro Bridge, and back.  TAPER MADNESS, BABY.  I’m sure the “madness” part will set in eventually, but right now I’m delighted to not have to forsake sleeping for running this week.  I say this as someone who pulled an all-nighter last Thurs/Fri.  (Woke up at 5 last Thurs to run 9 miles, worked all day, flew to SF, went out with T and co-workers, looked at clock when going to bed and it said 2 AM, which yep– equals 5 AM NYC time.)  I AM SUPERHUMAN AND NEED NO SLEEP.  (Obvs not true, but I like to pretend it is occasionally.)

We drank a lot some of this on Thurs night, ’cause you know, when in Rome!

Anyhow, we had a great time!  My favorite part was when we rode bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  I am not a cyclist at ALL and I think the last time I’d been on a bike was in Paris in the fall of 2008.  So I can’t say I strapped on that helmet without trepidation, but I did not injure myself and had an awesome time!  See, thumbs up!

Also, here is a picture of me looking beautiful while running the 18-mile Tune-Up in the park last weekend.

Thanks, Brightroom!

Actually, it could have been much worse because you cannot see that my shorts are soaked (from sweat, not pee, you weirdos!)