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Mother Nature Vomited All Over My Birthday

31 Oct

Lovely imagery, isn’t it?  I won’t be surprised when some big shot at American Greetings catches sight of the title of this post and frantically calls me with a job offer.

Anyhow, my good friend Molly B actually had much more charming commentary on the weather on my birthday when she texted me, “Mother Nature is throwing confetti down in honor of you. 🙂  Even SHE is a fan of KtB!”  Love it.

Anyhow, since you asked, here is what I woke up to on Saturday morning:

Thew view out of T's window. Typically, you can see the Chrysler Building...

It’s kind of surreal, looking at this picture now, since the snow is (mostly) gone and now it’s a sunny and beautiful (albeit, crisp) day outside.

Anyhow… the weekend went as follows:  Fri. night, T and I hit up the Spotted Pig.  Yes, there was a lengthy wait for a table (roughly 2 hours?  Maybe a bit less?) but that food is the freaking BOMB.  I dream about the burger there, which yes, was what my birthday dinner entree was comprised of.  I ordered it RARE (b*llsy, I know!) and it was DELICIOUS.  Also, I want to personally shake the hand of whomever decided that Roquefort cheese would be just the right touch on top of this burger, because (s)he is my hero.  Obvs, this is not all I ate — I also had the shoestring fries that come along with the burger, and T and I split an appetizer of gnudi stuffed with ricotta (OMG) and mackerel with creme fraiche and mint sauce (sounds weird, but trust me, IT’S AWESOME.)  We may or may not have gotten dessert, too– popcorn-flavored ice cream with caramel corn on top.  Not my favorite dessert, but there really is nothing that can top that burger.  Then, we tossed around the idea of going out for drinks after dinner, but since I am now old, all I could think and talk about was “jammies.”

On my bday, I had to run to the city for a few things (I would have MUCH preferred to hole up in Astoria all day with T) and since the train into Manhattan takes me RIGHT to 59th and Lex (aka, Bloomies-land) I thought the weather and it being my birthday was a sign I should finally buy the rain/snow boots I’ve wanted for quite some time…

And since Bloomies was having a huge shoe sale, I thought I should probably get a few other pairs of shoes, too…

Before you go judging me, I want to mention that I used a gift card that I’d been hoarding since last Christmas for these bad boys.  I am a HORRIBLE (hoardible, hahaha… no?) gift card hoarder.  So the boots were essentially FREEEE!  Happy birthday to MEEEEE!

I was supposed to run 8 miles on Saturday, but due to the weather, I chose not to.  I actually feel fine about this, since I’ve also felt really exhausted and lethargic lately and this was one of those times I thought I should “listen to my body” (and also listen to the Armageddon-style weather that was going on outside.)

Sunday, I was lazy all day until late afternoon when I finally headed out for my 12 miler.  It was a really nice one– I ran from T’s over the Queensboro Bridge and into the park.  That’s where I saw the crazy-a$$ remains from the storm.  I had no idea!

I also snapped some pics of the bleachers, all set up for the marathon!  Yippee!  Sooo exciting!

bleachers + snow = bizarre

Let’s hope that Mother Nature got this little bug out of her system and next Sunday is a nice, NORMAL fall day.  Anyhow, I had a wonderful 12-miler and came home to home made Senegalese peanut-chicken soup, thanks to my amazing bf.

Look at ALL THAT CILANTRO. G-d love cilantro!!!!!!

Annnnd… thus kicks off Marathon Week (#2)!!!!!  Excited!

It Got Cold

28 Oct

Holy moly, it is cold today.

I laid out shorts last night to run in this morning, but wound up putting on pants.  (Props to Ali, who ran in shorts!  Bad a$$!)  Yes, I serendipitously ran into Ali and Kelly this morning at the park and got to join them for 5-ish awesome miles!  I wound up running about 8 altogether and they flew by, thanks to those lovely ladies!  Yay, running buddies!  It was a beautiful morning and we all commented on the sunrise as we ran past the reservoir.  Awesome.  AND we passed the bleachers, set up near the (dearly departed) Tavern on the Green, aka marathon finish!  Very exciting!

Tomorrow, however, is NOT supposed to be beautiful:

SNOW.  On my birthday!  Harumpf.  Also, I am supposed to run 8 miles tomorrow and I fear the weather will keep me from doing so.  Is it a HUGE deal if I miss this run?  Not REALLY… well, kind of…

Which brings me to this:  I really don’t know WHAT I want to aim for for NYCM.  Last year I was in a similar boat.  I had PRed in Columbus 3 weeks prior and was running NYCM for fun.  My very dear friend Jennifer came in from Chicago to run it with me and we had a great time with ZERO expectations.  We ran the first several miles together with my (also dear, and NYC-based) friend Erica and the 3 of us even made a lengthy bathroom stop (MAN, the lines for those port-o-potties are LONG!) because we didn’t really have any time goals or expectations, and we didn’t want to pee ourselves.  (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– much love to those who pi$$ themselves in races, but it ain’t my thang.)

In Brooklyn, posing for my mom and bro

Anyhow, around mile 23, I got a BURST of energy and finished decently strong.  (Finish time of 4:13:14– with that long-a$$ bathroom stop and no time expectations, I’ll definitely take it!)  My point in this epic little narrative is that I’ve proven to myself I can do pretty well in a second marathon after PRing the first marathon 3 weeks prior.  And I know I’ve worked hard in the past year to get faster, so… I’m wondering if I should give myself a li’l goal for NYCM.  Or will this stress me out too much?  I’ve not only gotten faster, but a lot more competitive (with myself– I’m not crazy competitive with other runners, unless they are dudes, in which case I want to beat as many as possible) and so I kind of WANT to do really well… but “do well” is so subjective and nebulous.  What exactly does that mean… to me?  Sub-4?  Sub-3:50?  Even better?  And what is reasonable?  And I do NOT want to get injured, obviously.  So many questions and factors….

I guess all these questions will be answered in a little over a week!

In other news, I’m off to eat a delicious and decadent dinner (and drink many beers) with T tonight at the Spotted Pig!  Yippeeeeeeee!  Happy weekend!


I just have to add that my friends are so awesome.  My co-worker and wonderful friend Fatima baked these for me.  These are pumpkin brownies.  She made them WITH A REAL PUMPKIN (as in, not pumpkin from a can; consider my mind blown that this is possible.)  I love her.  (Side note:  I can see how people arrive at my blog, and one of the most commonly used terms to arrive here is “pumpkin brownie.”  I’m not really sure why, since I’ve only mentioned pumpkin brownies in one other post, but here you go, pumpkin brownie Googlers.  Another one for you to feast your eyes upon!)


AND… my sweet friend Alli just surprised me by stopping by my office with, oh, just a few awesome pumpkin items.  LOVE HER, too!  Seriously, I have the sweetest friends.  I am so lucky!

That is pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancake mix, a pumpkin cupcake from Crumbs and best of all A PERSONALIZED 26.2 PUMPKIN!

Holy crap, it’s September

1 Sep

OK,  so  fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons.  (Poetic.)  I will enumerate a few of them, picture-style:

1)   Be still my heart, I love you pumpkin ale.  I want to swim in a vat of you.

2) Don’t worry– I didn’t forget you, pumpkin pie… and pretty much anything else pumpkin that does NOT have effing raisins in it.  Seriously, pumpkin is food of the gods and raisins look like dried up rodent turds.  Why on Earth do people want to mix these two things?

3) My birthday… and T’s birthday, too!  (He’s 9 days older than me.)  I mean, let’s face it, I love any excuse to have the spotlight on me, get presents, etc.  (To be honest, that’s not true at all.)  But I do love birthdays in that I always hear from friends and loved ones from all my (many) years of life and it’s always such a great feeling to feel so loved.  Oh yeah, and getting T to take me out to some fancy dinner where I can get all snazzed up and then eat delicious food and get crunk (ideally on the aforementioned pumpkin ales) is always a good time. 😉

4) Last but most definitely not least, IT’S MARATHON SEASON!!!!!  YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!  People think I’m obnoxious/lying/insane/stupid when I say I love marathon season more than Christmas season, but it’s true.  I feel my heart start racing (get it?  har har) whenever I think about the NYC marathon.  I am sooooo delighted I’ll be running it again this year!  This is a picture of me finishing last year.  I finished in 4:13:21 (9:41 pace) which actually isn’t that bad when you take into consideration that I had just PRed the Columbus marathon 3 weeks prior, and also that I took a LONG bathroom break in Brooklyn, due to really needing badly to pee, and the line being painfully, OH SO PAINFULLY long.  Anyhow, I’ll be doing Columbus again this year (and I hope PRing again– BIG TIME) and then I’ll be doing NYC again this year (I’ll figure out what I want to aim for– if anything– after Columbus!)  I am getting giddy just typing all of this out.

Anyhow.  This freaking summer flew by in a way I never thought was possible.  So much I wanted to do that I didn’t do.  But then again, I did do a ton of fun stuff — vacation at the beach with my fam, bachelorette party in Montauk, a couple very fun weddings, ferry to the beach in Sandy Hook, food and drinks on the roof biergarten at Eataly, The Boilermaker, the Queens half, my bestie’s baby shower… phew!  I’m sad it’s over, but I’m looking forward to a super fall!

Now… on to my run this morning.  I intended to do 12 miles, but woke up a bit on the late side.  (Again, the 4:50 wake up was a no-go.)  I finally made it to the park a little before 6.  I decided to do the 11 miler today and the 12 miler tomorrow– just to save myself a few minutes this morning, due to late start– and off I went.  A loop of the bridle path, a loop of the reservoir, a big loop that included the Harlem Hills but cut off at 72nd Street (for some reason, I really don’t like that bottom part of the big loop) and then another bridle path loop.  That, along with my run to and from the park, came out to just over 11 miles.  The run felt fine– great at some points and just “meh” at others, but these days, a run that feels great at any point is very welcome.  I brought a gel along with me, because although I don’t care for them and haven’t used them for most of my races, I’ve decided maybe I should start incorporating them into my longer runs.  And I did feel a burst of energy after I’d eaten it (though it was disgusting.)  So I guess I’ll stick with it!  This is what I had:

This is what I actually prefer, but I didn’t have any on-hand.  I need to replenish!

BZZZZ you are delicious.  OK, not really, but you’ll do.

Anyhow… my average pace came out to around 8:42, with my fastest mile being somewhere around 8:11 and the slowest one being, like, 9:48 (I gulped down the gel and took a long water break in this mile.)  Not too bad!

So tomorrow, I have 12 and then Saturday, I have to do 20.  I’ll be out of town with T and some friends, so 20 miles in a new place should be interesting.  I hope I don’t get lost!  I should probably figure out a route before then…

Oh and I ran into my buddy — running blogger extraordinaire Ali— on the street in my neighborhood last night and she informed me that my blog needs more pictures.  I’m trying (see all the pretty pics in this post!) but I am just not a picture-taker, and plus my phone is from 1982 and doesn’t take great pics.

OK, not really, but it’s certainly not an IPhone or a phone with any sort of intelligence.  I know, I’m a Luddite.  And this is obviously a work in progress….!