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Cheese + Running = disaster

14 Sep

Well, last night I had a stupid run.  I say that because I made a novice mistake.  Seriously, I am training for my TENTH marathon and I still do things like this:

5 PM– Starving.  Eat some almonds.

6 PM– Start feeling hungry again.  Ignore

6:40 PM– Starving.  Eat an enormous handful of cheese cubes (left over from meeting at work.)

6:45 PM — Out the door for running class.

8:00oish– Class completed; plan to tack on about 4 more miles.  Head over to reservoir from north end of park

8:05ish– Stomach declares that it hates me and cheese

8:15ish– Have to stop and walk.  Viciously verbally abuse self in head.

8:30ish– Force myself to finish out 8 miles.   Wanted to do 9.  Do the rest of my mileage slow because my stomach is rebelling.  Feel pissed at self.

OK, here’s the thing… I LOVE CHEESE.  I can never say no to cheese.  If I am starving, hungry, not hungry at all, or on the verge vomiting — in all of these scenarios, if there is cheese on hand, I will eat it.  However, cheese doesn’t always love me back.  We’re in an abusive relationship.  I will just NEVER LEARN.  I am powerless against cheese’s allure.  So, when I ate a veritable mountain of cheese last night directly before running, well… I got what I deserved.  Grrrrrr.

This is me. Aren't I cute?

I will say that the night got a lot better after that, though.  T and I headed over to a neighborhood bar, Wicker Park, and had a few brews.  I really meant to only have one, go to bed, and do a 9 miler this morning.  However, sometimes when you’re having a blast with your bf who also happens to truly be one of your besties– well, those times are just too precious to cut short.  I had a few Sam Adams Oktoberfests on draught, then the bartender dug up one of these — he had previously thought they were all out!

It's dark, but that is a Smuttynose Pumpkin ale. Yum.

T and I entertained ourselves with quality conversation and a few napkin games.

The answer was "Anchor Steam."

We got home pretty late and I decided to sleep in this morning, thus leaving the 12 mile run for tomorrow,  (I WILL DO IT.  I WILL!) the 18 for Saturday, and the 9 for Sunday.  Not ideal, but whatever.

Oh and guess what I did when I got home (admittedly, pretty drunk)?  Ate more cheese.