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I Did It, And I Lived To Tell The Tale

27 Mar

Friday morning, I slept in ’til 8:30 AM and then went to Flywheel for a class with Aleah.  It was my first class with her, and she definitely is my new favorite instructor!  (Though I also love Ryan.)

Then, I got coffee, relaxed around my apartment, got lunch with T at Bareburger … and then we headed to my doctor’s office for the dreaded PRP injection.


trying not to look too freaked out as I wait for the procedure to begin...

The doctor and PA drew blood.  It felt like a lot of blood.  It felt like a very long time that they were drawing the blood.  I did not like this.  I looked away and babbled at T and dug my fingernails into his hand.  I also secreted about a gallon of sweat.  I do indeed live a sweaty life, and it’s not always due to exercise.

This is post phlebotomy. I am laughing at the ridiculous amount of sweat that has poured out of my body, and the ridiculous amount of anxiety I am still experiencing. A few of my friends have commented I look like I am on the can in this picture, but I assure you that this was not nearly as relaxing as that experience usually is...

I felt a little woozy and nauseated after the blood was drawn.  Notice the slightly ashen cast of my face here.

Still smiling, though!

Anyhow… then they spun the blood in the centrifuge and isolated the platelet-rich blood.  I did not see any of this, but I did see it in the syringe when I was ushered into the room where the injection would take place.  I laid supine, gripped T’s hand… and felt the needle inject the painkiller into my foot.  Then, the next needle (containing the PRP) went in.  I felt some pressure and 3 times felt a very sharp pain that felt like it was deep inside my foot and caused me to let out a startled sort of yelp.  I assume I jolted a bit, too, since I was instructed firmly (but nicely!) to keep my foot still.  The entire time, I was gripping T’s hand and telling him some stupid story (I don’t even remember what it was about) and the doctor was telling me I was doing great.  It seemed to last forever and finally, when I felt a bit of a lull in the pain/pressure, I said hesitantly, “Are we almost done?” to which T and the doctor said, “You’re done!”  All-in-all, it was probably only a few minutes.

The doctor put a little band-aid on the point where the needle went in and then I basically hopped off of the table and walked out.  I was favoring my left foot a little, just because the right one was slightly tender, but all-in-all, I was fine!  (Note:  my f*cking left foot is now hurting a bit from favoring it.)

Then came the next painful part of the procedure, which was paying for it.  I am $630 poorer now, but it honestly feels like just another expense on top of all the PT, orthotics, entry fees for races I have not run, etc.  Also, at this juncture, I would honestly drop much more than that just to be able to run again.  Now, if only I could be assured that this will get me running again… Sigh…

Anyhow, the woman at the front desk reconfirmed that I had gotten PRP done and commented that she hadn’t heard anything.  When I asked her what she meant, she said she often hears patients yelling, which made me feel a lot better about my reaction.  However, I doubt most patients in their 30s require a chaperone, but whatever.

I took one of the painkillers the doc gave me right away, but I haven’t experienced any  pain since then that warranted taking any more, which is awesome.

So, the injection itself was pretty painful, but that is also likely because I am a big baby.  The aftermath was fine, but since I still felt a little shaky, I indulged in this.

The most indulgent thing I have ever gotten at 16 Handles: a huge helping of cake batter, dulce de leche, and coffee froyo, topped with brownie bites, cookie dough, and hot fudge. Don't mind if I do!

Happy camper: Shots aren't so bad! Also, I am 5 years old and require ice cream after mildly unpleasant visits to the doctor's office.

Soon after the 16 Handles trip, I hopped in a cab with Cookie and we headed off to Laguardia for our flight to Charlotte.

I had a wonderful weekend in Charlotte with my girlfriends.  Highlights included getting our nails done,

obnoxiously pink and I love it

playing with Jen’s beautiful baby, eating AWESOME AWESOME SUSHI at The Cowfish, and a little shopping.

I experienced practically zero pain in my right foot over the weekend and I had fantasies that the PRP had cured me completely and I’d be back to running immediately… but my foot went back to being the little b*tch I’ve become so not fond of this morning at Flywheel.  I know that the results are supposed to appear gradually over a period of weeks and even months… but I am getting extremely impatient.  EXTREMELY.

On another note, a friend of mine who is injured and supposed to run Boston (crossing my fingers BIG TIME for you, Lara!) sent me this the other day.  Sooooo very appropriate.  I think any runner who has been injured before understands this sentiment 100%.

So, all-in-all, my foot is not any WORSE, so that is good.  Looking on the bright side here.  Time to get this healing biz-nass on the road already!

The Weekend Round-up and an Impending Doc Visit!

28 Feb

So, my weekend was busy as hell with, you guessed it, NO RUNNING and a lot of eating and drinking.  Let’s just say fitting into my favorite jeans is a thing of the past!

But whatever.  The weekend kicked off with a visit to the man I’m seeing on the side (sorry, T!):  my physical therapist.  He did the usual– humiliated me by having me do all kinds of balancing things that further prove my ankles are weak as hell, and then massaged my disgusting foot.  (Note to self:  get a pedicure before I leave for California, where I hope to sport some open-toed shoes.)

THEN I met up with T and some of our friends at a delicious restaurant– Back 40!  We drank delicious beer (Kelso IPA was my beverage of choice) and ate some freaking awesome food.  The 6 of us got a charcuterie plate with lots of delightful meats and cheeses on it.  As the plate came to a sad end, I reached across the table to cut up the last remaining morsel of food– a hunk of cheese.

… yeah, after I sawed away at it a few times, I looked up and saw Steve watching me attempt to cut what was actually a napkin folded into a triangle.  The realization set in just as Steve said, “Um, Katie, I think that’s a napkin.”

OK, so it actually doesn't look like cheese at all. In my defense, it was dimly lit, it was across the table... and I was several beers in. And I was hungry and I REALLY love cheese...

Anyhow, that was a riveting narrative, was it not?  Once we all stopped laughing and my face un-flushed a bit, I wound up ordering a salad and T ordered a burger and fries– both of which were DELICIOUS!  Then, I twisted T’s arm and we ordered a stout float for us to share.  This is something I’ve always wanted to try.  Two of my favorite things– ice cream and beer.  It was AWESOME.  I see many stout floats in my future.  (And the need to give up on jeans and just wear sweat pants from here on out.)

This is just after we gulped down the beer and shortly before we (I) gobbled the ice cream... YUM

So, Back 40 gets 2 thumbs up from me!  After dinner, we headed to Lunasa to meet up with some more friends.  Lunasa will always hold a special place in my heart, because that is where we had our joint birthday party a few years ago.


Anyway, that was Friday night.  Saturday, I went to Flywheel for the 12:45 one-hour class.  As you know, I am pretty “meh” about spinning– mainly because I view it as inferior to running and I am bitter and angry sad that I can’t run.  However, Flywheel at 12:45 on a Saturday is a much different scene from Flywheel at 6 AM during the week.  The class was full, everyone was super enthusiastic… and I LOVED the instructor, Ryan.  He informed everyone at the beginning of class that he had lost a stunning 60 pounds since he began taking classes and then teaching a year ago.  And you could just tell he loved teaching.  He was so fun and encouraging and he played an awesome mix of cheesy pop music– my favorite.  Rihanna?  Yes, please, and more of her!  I felt really happy and energized and was drenched in sweat when I left.  Mmmmm… Then T met up with me and we went to Murray’s Cheese in Grand Central to finally use the gift card my father got me for Christmas last year.  It was an AMAZING gift, but for some reason I never got around to cashing it in until Saturday.

I will take... all of you

That night, our friends Ben, Robbie, and Sara came over.  We intended to bust out the cheese for them, but instead, we all rushed out the door to Il Bambino, which I consider to be the jewel in the crown that is our neighborhood.  They have the most amazing paninis, delicious beer, and a beautiful garden out back, too boot.  We obviously did not sit in the garden on Saturday night, but we did enjoy the paninis and beer!  I forced myself to diverge from my regular order (gorgonzola dolce, prosciutto, and fig panini) and try something new.  I was not sorry– the panini with fried eggplant, roasted mushrooms, goat cheese, and spicy mayo was DELICIOUS… as was the Six Point Sweet Action I washed it down with.  Again, I’m a health nut.

After dinner, we ventured out for a few more beers and then went back to our place to watch the best awful movie of all time — The Room.  This movie deserves a post all of its own.  That’s all I’ll say.

Sunday featured brunch with friends and then a trip to Manhattan where T played a soccer game with Zog Sports.  Then, we went out for a few Goose Island IPAs (always a delicious standby) and back home where I promptly conked out on the couch.  (But only after I ate a healthy dose of the Murray’s cheese.  THANKS, DAD.)

All-in-all, an extremely unhealthy, busy, and fun weekend.

And today, I have an appointment with my doctor, who I hope will have some bright ideas for how to get this little b*tch of an injury to be history so that I can be running again.  A while ago, I said something about how I hoped to be able to participate in the spring session of the NYRR class I’ve been missing so much.  But that class starts up… in 2 weeks.  And I have to admit, with a great big frustrated sigh, that it doesn’t seem so realistic.  Now my goal is to be able to participate in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler that I signed up for a long time ago.

And on Thursday… we leave for a little jaunt to California!  Sunshine, beaches, and In-N-Out Burger, here we come!

What’s up with you?  Have you ever seen The Room?  Ever had In-N-Out Burger?  (People tell me how amazing it is!  I’ve never had it, so I’m excited to try it!)  Do you find yourself disgusted by the sheer amount of cheese and beer I consumed over the weekend?  Do you think I’ll be able to run the damn 10-miler?  If my foot is still f**ked up, would it be wrong to show up anyway and trip everyone out of spite?  Lemme know! 😉

What’s the Best Way To Run a Race While Injured?

19 Dec

Friday night was a lot of fun.  T and I went and saw The Book Of Mormon with our friends Steve and Danielle.  We bought these tickets in August, so this has been a long time coming.  And it was a cute show!

Afterward, we went to Terroir in Murray Hill, where we shared some food plates and a lotta wine…

…Bringing me to 7:38 AM Saturday morning.  Race is at 8.  T awakens me.  I am lying on top of my bed, wearing my coat and my scarf… and my PF boot.  (T explains that I refused to take off my coat and scarf because I was cold, but he DID manage to get my boot on.  Awww, what a good boyfriend.)  Anyhow, did I prepare everything the night before for the race?  No, I did not.  Still drunk Slightly hung over Very tired, I am scrambling around grabbing pants, a top, my IPod, my race bib.  I manage to actually grind some coffee beans AND make a cup of coffee.  I brush my teeth, wash off yesterday’s makeup, dash out the door, and grab a cab to 102nd St. and 5th Avenue.

I knew this was an oversubscribed race, so I thought MAYBE there would still be people leaving the corrals when I arrived (more than 15 mins late, eeek)!  Nope.  It was pretty eerie, but the start mat was still down, (THANKFULLY!!!!!) so I crossed over it and began running the course all by my lonesome.  I saw a sparse amount of bibs, but I was basically by myself, which was… weird!

My foot definitely felt creaky, but it didn’t HURT, per se.  What was hurting was the hangover I was nursing.  With every step, I was thinking, “Ugh, so much wine… not enough food… get this thing over with.”  In the frenzy of the morning, I hadn’t put on my Garmin, but it wasn’t a big deal since my pace was the last thing on my mind.

My hungover misery went on for about the first 4 miles, but then I suddenly found myself caught up with the other racers and I kind of shook myself and thought, “OMG I AM RUNNINGGGG!  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WANTED TO DO FOR SO LONNNNGGGGG!”  The rest of the race was actually quite pleasant!  I was super sad that my foot definitely did not feel better at all, but I was still absolutely thrilled to be running!

After the race, I ran into my friend David and some of his other Fred’s Teammates.  I grabbed some food with them and then went back to my place and napped for hours.

The rest of the weekend was fun and chill.  I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, which makes me VERY happy.  T and I got dinner with friends and got drinks with other friends.  I baked!  (Small miracle)

My favorite Christmas cookies of all time. You know I love something when I actually bake it! They are chocolate-almond and just divine. But they are not pretty-- at least when I make them. They are when my mom does.

And  I met up with Lori and we exchanged goodies and had tea at this really cute spot in Midtown East called David’s Tea.  The original plan was to meet up at Starbucks, but that appeared to be the plan of everyone and their brother yesterday.  When I discovered this cute little spot right next door to the Starbucks where we had planned to meet, I was delighted and relieved.  (Just being inside of the ‘bucks was giving me heart palpitations!)  I am not much of a tea drinker, but Lori and I both got a pumpkin chai iced tea with a dash of skim milk and it was pretty good!

So, that was the weekend.  I am happy that I ran a decent race, despite a mean hangover and a bum foot.  I am happy that I have now fulfilled my qualifications for running the NYCM next year.  I am happy to have gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done.  I am not happy that my stupid foot still hurts.  Suck it, plantar fasciitis!  Suck it, heel spur!  Rawr.

Oh, and the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post?  Run the race hungover, of course!  That way, you can focus on that misery, rather than the actual injury.  I kid, I kid. 😉

All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front… Feet?

15 Dec

So, I’m going a little cuckoo not running, hence the idiotic title of this post.

I feel bad for T.  Real bad.

You should feel bad for him, too.  I am not great company these days.

And you should be ashamed of me, because I simply canNOT get motivated to do anything but run.  Quite a few of the running bloggers I keep up with seem to be injured these days, and yet manage to keep active.  Meggie and Kelly, for instance, are doing aqua jogging (which completely confounds me) yoga, and spinning.

My “workout regime” has been a bit less, uh, ambitious.

After my 7 mile run last Wednesday morning, I told myself to get a grip and promised myself I would stop running altogether for at LEAST 2 weeks (with a few pre-approved deviations I will detail momentarily.)  Though I knew it would be hard, I REALLY do not want to make this problem worse.  I REALLY want to run for years and years and years to come.  So I need to take injuries seriously.

I was pouty about it Thursday morning and ignored my early morning “get up and go to the gym!” alarm.  Same with Friday morning.  After work on Friday, I suffered through 50 seemingly eternal minutes on the elliptical machine at my office’s gym (yes, I know I am lucky to have that option!)  Saturday morning was one of the 2 “pre-approved” runs in the 2 week span.  My friend Danielle and I signed up to do a run with Girls on the Run quite a while ago.  Girls on the Run’s mission (according to its website) is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”  I thought it was a pretty cool organization and was happy to take part in it.

Danielle and I signed up to be “running buddies” to girls who were running a 5K race.  We both envisioned running alongside a girl and encouraging her and having a nice chat– lots of mushy feel-good stuff.  However, the race had fewer girls than it did volunteers, and we both wound up sadly sans buddy.  I think this is an awesome organization and will definitely do something with them in the future.  And I also think there are worse problems than having too many people volunteering!  But we did feel a bit silly crossing the finish line together, looking as though we had ditched our “girls.”  (When, in fact, we were never assigned to any!)  Oh well.  Next time!

Since we did the run pretty slowly, it didn’t feel like much of a workout.  I dragged myself to the gym and settled in on this guy…. for about 20 minutes.

Though it was a good workout, it still is not running (DUH, KATIE!) and I am extremely clumsy and tripped on maybe every 3rd step, thus rendering me fairly paranoid the entire time that I was going to tumble down the stairs and wind up in a viral YouTube video.

Friday night was fun.  T and I met up with our friends Tim and Kim downtown at an adorable and delicious restaurant called Tremont.  Tremont is actually a community in Cleveland and the restaurant is named after that community, since the owners spent a lot of time there together.  So T got wind of it that way, Cleveland native that he is, and we were all glad that he did!  We’ll definitely be back.  Great food, great company, beautiful space!

delicious clam appetizer

Chicken entree, stuffed with mushroom bread pudding. YUM.

Then, we stopped by a friend’s birthday party before calling it a night.

Sunday, T had to work, and I spent 45 minutes on the Stairmaster before meeting up with my friends Eric, Todd, and Diane for some food.  Then we went to Central Park’s Wollman Rink for some ice skating!

I hadn’t ice skated in, oh, ten years, so I felt a bit of trepidation as we approached.  But in no time, I was gliding along on the ice with complete confidence.  OK, so the skates had literally zero arch support inside of them (shocker!) so my foot did hurt a bit after I took them off.  But other than that, it was totally an awesome time!  (Albeit, a bit pricey with skate and locker rental + admission.)  But worth it!  I want to go back!

Rink cleared for Zamboni time! Look at that view!

the gang, apres-skate

look at that view!

Then, we went and got some beers at The House of Brews, as we are wont to do. This is a tradition since our days of working in the theatre district!  So, despite T having to work, I managed to have a fun Sunday!

Monday morning, I went to a spin class at the gym, annnnnd… that was the last exercise I did this week.  Although I have intended to go to the gym every morning since then, it’s been so difficult to get out of bed.  Of course,  I have absolutely no problem getting out of bed at any hour for a run, but I can’t seem to motivate to do anything else.  I suck.  But I HAVE been bootin’ it up most nights for bed, and working the arch-supporting shoes like no other.

I absolutely LOATHE the sneakers-for-the-commute look, so please applaud me for listening to the doc and doing it.

My second pre-approved running venture is on Saturday morning and, oh, it should be interesting.  I should explain that I really don’t have the option not to do it, because it is my 9th race in the 9+1 program for guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC marathon.  And I would cry actual tears if I ran 8 races and volunteered all for naught.  Anyhow, tomorrow night, T and I are going to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway with our friends Steve and Danielle.  We bought these tickets in AUGUST and are soooo excited to finally see it!  Afterwards, we are going out to dinner and — let’s be honest– will probably have many drinks, as well.  The Ted Corbitt 15K starts bright and early at 8 AM on Saturday morning. I’m thinking that a bum foot, coupled with very little  speedwork in the past month, and essentially no running in the past week, and likely a hangover will produce less than noteworthy results.  I just really hope my foot doesn’t hurt.  It would be a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE if my PF was cured and I felt no pain!  You hear that, Santa?

So yes, I’ve been doing some fun stuff and life is  merry and lovely.  But to be honest, I’ve been seriously blue about not running, which makes me ashamed!  Because in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge deal.  I really wish I could be one of those people that is totally chill about taking a (needed!) respite from running.  But T’s roommate intimated on Tuesday night that my running days may quite possibly be over, and this threw me into a dark tailspin.  So, I am accepting any and all reminders and encouragement that I will be up and running (pun intended) before too, too long.  (I know I am pathetic!)  Mmmkay, thanks. 🙂

A 48 Mile Week, But More Importantly, AN AWESOME BURGER

5 Dec

So my blog post titles are not all that creative, but at least they are to the point!

I am fairly pleased with myself for having run 48 miles last week, after not running very much at all since NYCM.  My paces were not fast, but I got the miles done.  However, I feel kind of “meh” about running these days.  Yesterday was a day when I was running just because it’s what I do

I’ve always thought it’s very easy to get caught up in the running madness in the summer and fall when everyone is training for a fall marathon.  The blogs are a-buzz with pre-marathon excitement and training details.  The park is crawling with individual runners and different running groups at all hours of the day and night.  You can’t escape the excitement and the energy.

But post NYCM… it slows down a LOT.  So not only am I worn out from having run those 2 marathons, but it’s tough to get motivated when the buzz just isn’t buzzing like it was. (Very poetic.)

So, although I have this sunny li’l race to look forward to, I’ve been dealing with some serious motivation issues.  And other than enlisting some buddies to join me (Thank you, Erica!  Thank you, Jane!) I just tell myself, “You’re going to do this, ’cause running is what you do.  You’re a runner.”

It usually works.  As I’ve stated previously, I like my job and am lucky to have it, but in no way do I identify myself by it. I tend to identify myself first and foremost as A Runner.  So if I don’t do that, (run) then who/what am I?

OK, I really don’t intend to get too philosophical here, so here’s the breakdown from last week:

Mon:  nada

Tues: skipped running class; nada

Weds:  6 miles, including Q’boro Bridge @ 8:30ish pace

Thurs: 13.5 miles w/ Erica @ 9:00ish pace

Fri:  6.5 miles w/ Jane @ 9:30ish pace (stomach ache slowed me up)

Sat: 6 miles in park (w/ some pathetic strides) @ 8:40ish pace

Sun:  16 miles partially w/ Jane @ 8:55ish pace

Total: 48 miles

This week Pfitzinger calls for 43 miles, which seems do-able.  I should probably start doing some speedwork again. (Blah.)  I should also probably attend class for the first time in 3 weeks tomorrow.

As for the weekend, I had some delicious food with some nice friends.  Fri. night, T and I went to Edo Sushi with Ben (my best guy friend from HS.)  It was really delicious!  Not to mention beautiful!

this is just *some* of the sushi we ate

Then, we went out for a few brews and called it an early-ish night.  Saturday, we basically slept all day, which was shameful, ’cause it was a beautiful day.  I think my body was still pissed at me from the 4:30 AM wakeup call on Thurs.  I did manage to squeeze in 6 miles in the park.  But more importantly, we caught this on television.  I think it’s safe to say we resembled this by the time the program was over:

So I looked at him and said what we were both thinking:  “We are totally going there tonight.”

Which is exactly what we did.

I have to say that I freaking LOVE the fact that I live in a city where I can see a restaurant on TV and then I can go to said restaurant.  And let it be said here and now that the burger at the Brindle Room is just magical.  Though I should also say that I don’t believe it is on the regular menu; only the brunch menu.  But since we asked nicely, (and our waitress was super sweet and awesome) they made us the burger anyway.  IT IS GOOD AND YOU SHOULD GO THERE NOW.

And finally, I just put my name in for the NYC Half.  I’ve never run this race before, or even applied.  But I figured why not!?

13.5 Before Work

1 Dec

Annnnd I’m back.  (Sort of.  Not really.)

Tuesday night, I skipped class in favor of NOT getting drenched.  This was the second week in a row that it was pouring rain and I opted out.  Oops.

Instead, I went over to T’s and gave this a sample.  I really do like chicory, so I wanted to try this.  It was… good.  Interesting.  Not my favorite.  But good.

T stuck to what he knows best.

I also want to document here that he stated he would do this with me next year.  It’s in the blog.  It’s basically contracted.

The following morning, (yesterday) I thought maybe I’d try and run 14 miles.  Instead, I slept in a bit and ran 6.  Still!  It was the most miles I’d run since the marathon!  I was pretty pleased with myself and kept it around 8:30 miles.

Last night, I went to Beauty and Essex with my very good friend (and co-worker, and personal stylist and general fashionista)  Kim.  I’d been once before and had a nice time.  It’s definitely a fun vibe and a good place to get a “downtown NYC” feel.  The food is serviceable; good, even.  We split 2 entrees– the salmon (which was very delicious, I will say) and the parsnip ravioli, which was pretty meh.  Though I am generally loath to drink cocktails (just don’t love the taste of them, get mean hangovers from them, and just plain prefer beer always) I did get one, because this is more of a cocktail kind of restaurant.  The one I got, however — the Dark Chocolate Velvet– incorporated beer, so I thought it was my best bet.  This cocktail was Guinness mixed with Prosecco.  I love both of these things separately, but the combination was … lackluster.  Oh well.

This is me and Kim, but not from last night. It's now December and I am not that tan. Sad.

Then, this morning, I got up at 4:30 and ran 13.5 miles!  Yes, I am uber pleased with myself.  I am also pleased with my bada$$ buddy Erica who met me at 5 AM at the park and joined me for the majority of these miles.  Erica, by the way, ran the 18 mile tune-up in September, JUST FOR FUN, ’cause you know, running 18 miles when not even training for a marathon is fun!  Haha.  She is awesome.

This is me and Erica. Not this morning, obviously. My friends are pretty.

Anyhow, Erica joined me for about 9 of the miles and was excellent company.  My splits, especially near the end, were ridiculous, though.  Mile 11 was 7:57 and mile 12 was 9:49 (I had to stop and walk, ’cause my stomach was hurting.)  I also had to cut my run short at 13.5 rather than the 14 I set out to do, ’cause of the stomach ache.  But all-in-all, I am pleased I did it.  Now if only my foot weren’t hurting again… ugh.

So, I’m officially back into the Pfitzinger plan.  I have 2 more 6-milers and a 16 miler to do this week.  Eeeeyikes.  Also, it’s December!  And officially cold!  I ran this morning in a long-sleeved tee-shirt and shorts.  I thought my fingers were actually going to get frost bitten.  Brrrrr!

The Weekend Round-Up: Not Quite As Planned

21 Nov

Well, my weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, but that’s OK.  Starting with Friday night’s baby shower/dinner, (not for me,  obvs, but  for my good friend/colleague, Fatima) let’s just say I got a little drunker than I intended to.   Multiple glasses of Riesling at the shower and then meeting up with T and some buddies afterward at Jones Wood Foundry for more than a few Flower Power IPAs  seemed like a really fun thing at the time.  Not so fun on Saturday.  I was hung over pretty much all the livelong day, and my plan to go for a run before my 11:15 hair appointment did not come to fruition.  FAIL.

I got my hair done and then met up with T and a broker at an apartment we had made an appointment to see.  Yes, come 2012, he and I will be living in sin/shacking up/engaged in domestic bliss/what have you.  However, though the tenant had apparently told the broker she would be around all day long, she was not home and did not answer the broker’s multiple calls.  FAIL.

Later on, we ventured to Brooklyn for dinner with some friends at Colonie.  This meal was INCREDIBLE.  It was a friend’s 30th bday and his wife had prepared a special tasting menu just for us honored guests.  It included (for me) delicious scallops, a beet salad, butternut squash raviolis, and for dessert I had… get ready for this… sticky date cake with salted creme fraiche ice cream.  HEAVEN.  I pretty much licked my plate clean after every course.  T got some delicious steak that was amazing and also an equally amazing octopus dish.  Anyhow, I highly recommend this restaurant.  The food was delicious and I loved the cozy atmosphere.

Sunday morning, I got up at 6:15 to go volunteer at the Race to Deliver.  Getting up early and standing around in the cold was not so fun, but I did enjoy watching the actual race and handing out bagels to the runners afterwards.  Bonus was seeing Ali and her bf Brian, and also Lori!  And now I only have one more race, a 15K, until I am qualified for the 2012 NYC marathon. 🙂

I was dressed way too warm to run right after volunteering, (which had been my intention) so I went home to “change clothes”… which resulted in crawling back into bed with T and napping for hours and hours.  (That 6:15 wakeup call really threw me off!)  I was supposed to have brunch with my friend Molly, but she texted saying she wasn’t feeling good and so I went back to sleep.  I am slightly ashamed for sleeping away a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon, but it did feel awesome at the time.

After we finally got up, I managed to get in 5 quick miles with 4 of them at a 7:35 pace.  I figured if I wasn’t going to get a long run in, the least I could do was do a pretend 4-mile race like the one I volunteered at in the morning.  Then I went over to T’s, where he cooked me this.  It was awesome.

scallops and a seaweed salad

Last week was another less than impressive mileage week:

4 miles with speedwork on Tues

4 miles @8:45ish on Weds

4.5 miles @ 8:45ish on Thurs

4 miles @ 8:30ish on Fri

5 miles w/4 @ 7:35ish on Sun

=21.5 miles

This week I really want to try and get some decent miles in, even though I’ll be in Cleveland with T and his family for the holiday (yayyyy!)  And then next week, come hell or high water, it’s back on a training program for Surf City.  My current state of sloth is really no bueno!