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I Did It, And I Lived To Tell The Tale

27 Mar

Friday morning, I slept in ’til 8:30 AM and then went to Flywheel for a class with Aleah.  It was my first class with her, and she definitely is my new favorite instructor!  (Though I also love Ryan.)

Then, I got coffee, relaxed around my apartment, got lunch with T at Bareburger … and then we headed to my doctor’s office for the dreaded PRP injection.


trying not to look too freaked out as I wait for the procedure to begin...

The doctor and PA drew blood.  It felt like a lot of blood.  It felt like a very long time that they were drawing the blood.  I did not like this.  I looked away and babbled at T and dug my fingernails into his hand.  I also secreted about a gallon of sweat.  I do indeed live a sweaty life, and it’s not always due to exercise.

This is post phlebotomy. I am laughing at the ridiculous amount of sweat that has poured out of my body, and the ridiculous amount of anxiety I am still experiencing. A few of my friends have commented I look like I am on the can in this picture, but I assure you that this was not nearly as relaxing as that experience usually is...

I felt a little woozy and nauseated after the blood was drawn.  Notice the slightly ashen cast of my face here.

Still smiling, though!

Anyhow… then they spun the blood in the centrifuge and isolated the platelet-rich blood.  I did not see any of this, but I did see it in the syringe when I was ushered into the room where the injection would take place.  I laid supine, gripped T’s hand… and felt the needle inject the painkiller into my foot.  Then, the next needle (containing the PRP) went in.  I felt some pressure and 3 times felt a very sharp pain that felt like it was deep inside my foot and caused me to let out a startled sort of yelp.  I assume I jolted a bit, too, since I was instructed firmly (but nicely!) to keep my foot still.  The entire time, I was gripping T’s hand and telling him some stupid story (I don’t even remember what it was about) and the doctor was telling me I was doing great.  It seemed to last forever and finally, when I felt a bit of a lull in the pain/pressure, I said hesitantly, “Are we almost done?” to which T and the doctor said, “You’re done!”  All-in-all, it was probably only a few minutes.

The doctor put a little band-aid on the point where the needle went in and then I basically hopped off of the table and walked out.  I was favoring my left foot a little, just because the right one was slightly tender, but all-in-all, I was fine!  (Note:  my f*cking left foot is now hurting a bit from favoring it.)

Then came the next painful part of the procedure, which was paying for it.  I am $630 poorer now, but it honestly feels like just another expense on top of all the PT, orthotics, entry fees for races I have not run, etc.  Also, at this juncture, I would honestly drop much more than that just to be able to run again.  Now, if only I could be assured that this will get me running again… Sigh…

Anyhow, the woman at the front desk reconfirmed that I had gotten PRP done and commented that she hadn’t heard anything.  When I asked her what she meant, she said she often hears patients yelling, which made me feel a lot better about my reaction.  However, I doubt most patients in their 30s require a chaperone, but whatever.

I took one of the painkillers the doc gave me right away, but I haven’t experienced any  pain since then that warranted taking any more, which is awesome.

So, the injection itself was pretty painful, but that is also likely because I am a big baby.  The aftermath was fine, but since I still felt a little shaky, I indulged in this.

The most indulgent thing I have ever gotten at 16 Handles: a huge helping of cake batter, dulce de leche, and coffee froyo, topped with brownie bites, cookie dough, and hot fudge. Don't mind if I do!

Happy camper: Shots aren't so bad! Also, I am 5 years old and require ice cream after mildly unpleasant visits to the doctor's office.

Soon after the 16 Handles trip, I hopped in a cab with Cookie and we headed off to Laguardia for our flight to Charlotte.

I had a wonderful weekend in Charlotte with my girlfriends.  Highlights included getting our nails done,

obnoxiously pink and I love it

playing with Jen’s beautiful baby, eating AWESOME AWESOME SUSHI at The Cowfish, and a little shopping.

I experienced practically zero pain in my right foot over the weekend and I had fantasies that the PRP had cured me completely and I’d be back to running immediately… but my foot went back to being the little b*tch I’ve become so not fond of this morning at Flywheel.  I know that the results are supposed to appear gradually over a period of weeks and even months… but I am getting extremely impatient.  EXTREMELY.

On another note, a friend of mine who is injured and supposed to run Boston (crossing my fingers BIG TIME for you, Lara!) sent me this the other day.  Sooooo very appropriate.  I think any runner who has been injured before understands this sentiment 100%.

So, all-in-all, my foot is not any WORSE, so that is good.  Looking on the bright side here.  Time to get this healing biz-nass on the road already!