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Bah Humbug… ish

27 Dec

Well…  I’m still injured and still not running.  Harumpf!

I did jack sh*t physically while I was home in Ohio.  Unless you count hoisting beers and cookies and pancakes (oh my!) into my mouth.  If you do, then I was quite active!  (I am swimming in a pool of self-loathing today.  This is also not actually a physical activity.)

So, last Tuesday, I promised myself I would get an elliptical workout in at my work gym before heading off to the homeland.  And sure enough, after work, I changed into my gym clothes and met my work BFF, Kim, at the gym.  Since she was already on the elliptical, I decided to do a (slow!) treadmill run.  I did about 6 miles in an hour-ish on the TM (I told you I was slow!) and I felt as though I had taken drugs (not that I’ve ever done drugs!) afterward.  I felt AWE. SOME.  However, my foot didn’t feel so awesome.  I don’t know why I thought running slowly would make a difference, but I do think that running on a TM is slightly better on my stupid foot than running on pavement.  Anyhow, I’m discouraged because this PF BS insists on lingering.  But here’s a couple shots of what I get to look at while I’m using my work gym.  Not too bad!

Then, Wednesday morning I boarded a flight to DC.  Though I pretty much always fly direct to Dayton, (hate dealing with travel nonsense!) the flights for Christmas were prohibitively expensive, so I allowed a “quick” stopover in DC this time around, thinking “DC is an OK layover.  It’s not like I’m going clear out of the way to Atlanta or something.”  This would have been all well and good had USAir not canceled my flight from DC to Dayton and not been able to book me on anything until 6 hours later.  RAWR.

So, I did what any normal person would do and checked my bag (USAir kindly waived the fee– it was the least they could do!) and figured out how to navigate the complicated DC metro system (you have to swipe your card to get OUT, too!  WTH, dude?) and found my way to the closest mall– at Pentagon City– and entertained myself there.  I got my nails done, did a lot of shopping, and treated myself to a burger and a beer.  Then, I headed back to the airport for my 6 PM flight…. except it turned into more of an 8:30 PM flight, thanks to further delays.  Ah, the holidays!

My time in Ohio was pleasant but rushed, as always.  I had a lovely breakfast with some of my HS besties at the famed Golden Nugget, where I engaged in some of the aforementioned pancake-hoisting.

Jen and Jill, who is expecting a li'l bebe in 2012!

with Jess and baby Vi

We did some reminiscing about how our entire gang spent the night at Jen’s the night before our final day of high school, then we went to the Golden Nugget, and us girls wore the forbidden spaghetti strap shirts to school.  “Do you have a picture of that?” you ask.  You bet your a$$ I do.

Lookin' fine in '99


I also spent some QT with my awesome fam and we did the whole obligatory present stuff and overeating.

3 generations of awesome!

My nephew is adorable and perfect in every way, including being a bad-a$$ colorer.

My niece rocks. (HAHA, GET IT??)

A small portion of the spread at my mom's. Wish I could say I ate mostly the stuff in the middle, but let's face it-- the cheese is always where it's at.

My sis-in-law MADE these hot cocoas on a stick. SHE EVEN MADE THE MARSHMALLOWS. Amazing!

Goose Island Mild Winter Ale was the bev of choice for the day. My bro and I gave it 2 thumbs up.

And on that note… my bro got me this special edition Dogfish Head beer for Christmas!

I love DFH and who DOESN'T love Pearl Jam??!! Can't WAIT to try it!

My mom MADE this for me and I LOVE it!!!  Sooo awesome and thoughtful.  This is for my medals!

Can't wait to hang my medals up! Here's hoping I get a few more in 2012....

This is where my medals currently reside– all hanging from one flimsy nail stuck into the corner of my bookshelf.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t knock them down whenever I am reaching for certain articles of clothing.

My Christmas rounded out with a visit to this little lady.  And speaking of ROUND– she is adorably (and infuriatingly) still in tip-top shape and just has a little round baby bump.  I was seriously floored when I saw her hot pregnant a$$.  This is my dear, dear friend Jennifer, with whom I ran the Flying Pig marathon twice and the NYC marathon once.

She is lucky she is pregnant, 'cause otherwise I would have slapped her when she said she is still running regularly. *insert angelic face here.*

So, now I’m back in NYC and supposed to be packing, as I am moving on New Years Eve!  YIKES.  I suck at packing and I hate moving, but need to keep my eye on the prize.  (“The prize” being living in sin with my bomb-a$$ bf.)

And speaking of keeping my eye on the prize, I WANT THE PRIZE.  (This time “THE PRIZE” refers to running.  I know I’m all over the place right now.  Deal with it.)  Oh man, do I want it.  I told myself I would put in a good hour at the gym this morning before work.  However, as per usual, I could not motivate to get out of bed to go to the stinky gym, so I wound up doing a measly 25 minutes on the stepper.  And let me tell you, 25 minutes on that thing is pretty torturous in many ways.  (Boring being the main one.)  I would rather run for 2 hours.  I also continue to picture myself winding up on Tosh.0 since I am clumsy as hell.

My foot still hurts.  Which makes me very sad.  I would give anything to go running pain-free right now.  I know I’m a drama queen, but it’s true!  I also miss these beloved guys:

Shoes, pretty shoes... I want you back in my life.

I know I'm a f**king cliche, but DAMN I LOVE SHOES.

It’s a good thing it’s a very chill week at work, ’cause I can get away with this hotness.

Oh yeah, rolled up jeans + white Brooks Adrenalines. It's all the rage!

My foot better RECOGNIZE that I am making all kinds of sacrifices and get better STAT!

Annnnd… I’m starting to sound like a crazy lady, so I’m out for now!  Hope everyone had very happy holidays!