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All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front… Feet?

15 Dec

So, I’m going a little cuckoo not running, hence the idiotic title of this post.

I feel bad for T.  Real bad.

You should feel bad for him, too.  I am not great company these days.

And you should be ashamed of me, because I simply canNOT get motivated to do anything but run.  Quite a few of the running bloggers I keep up with seem to be injured these days, and yet manage to keep active.  Meggie and Kelly, for instance, are doing aqua jogging (which completely confounds me) yoga, and spinning.

My “workout regime” has been a bit less, uh, ambitious.

After my 7 mile run last Wednesday morning, I told myself to get a grip and promised myself I would stop running altogether for at LEAST 2 weeks (with a few pre-approved deviations I will detail momentarily.)  Though I knew it would be hard, I REALLY do not want to make this problem worse.  I REALLY want to run for years and years and years to come.  So I need to take injuries seriously.

I was pouty about it Thursday morning and ignored my early morning “get up and go to the gym!” alarm.  Same with Friday morning.  After work on Friday, I suffered through 50 seemingly eternal minutes on the elliptical machine at my office’s gym (yes, I know I am lucky to have that option!)  Saturday morning was one of the 2 “pre-approved” runs in the 2 week span.  My friend Danielle and I signed up to do a run with Girls on the Run quite a while ago.  Girls on the Run’s mission (according to its website) is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”  I thought it was a pretty cool organization and was happy to take part in it.

Danielle and I signed up to be “running buddies” to girls who were running a 5K race.  We both envisioned running alongside a girl and encouraging her and having a nice chat– lots of mushy feel-good stuff.  However, the race had fewer girls than it did volunteers, and we both wound up sadly sans buddy.  I think this is an awesome organization and will definitely do something with them in the future.  And I also think there are worse problems than having too many people volunteering!  But we did feel a bit silly crossing the finish line together, looking as though we had ditched our “girls.”  (When, in fact, we were never assigned to any!)  Oh well.  Next time!

Since we did the run pretty slowly, it didn’t feel like much of a workout.  I dragged myself to the gym and settled in on this guy…. for about 20 minutes.

Though it was a good workout, it still is not running (DUH, KATIE!) and I am extremely clumsy and tripped on maybe every 3rd step, thus rendering me fairly paranoid the entire time that I was going to tumble down the stairs and wind up in a viral YouTube video.

Friday night was fun.  T and I met up with our friends Tim and Kim downtown at an adorable and delicious restaurant called Tremont.  Tremont is actually a community in Cleveland and the restaurant is named after that community, since the owners spent a lot of time there together.  So T got wind of it that way, Cleveland native that he is, and we were all glad that he did!  We’ll definitely be back.  Great food, great company, beautiful space!

delicious clam appetizer

Chicken entree, stuffed with mushroom bread pudding. YUM.

Then, we stopped by a friend’s birthday party before calling it a night.

Sunday, T had to work, and I spent 45 minutes on the Stairmaster before meeting up with my friends Eric, Todd, and Diane for some food.  Then we went to Central Park’s Wollman Rink for some ice skating!

I hadn’t ice skated in, oh, ten years, so I felt a bit of trepidation as we approached.  But in no time, I was gliding along on the ice with complete confidence.  OK, so the skates had literally zero arch support inside of them (shocker!) so my foot did hurt a bit after I took them off.  But other than that, it was totally an awesome time!  (Albeit, a bit pricey with skate and locker rental + admission.)  But worth it!  I want to go back!

Rink cleared for Zamboni time! Look at that view!

the gang, apres-skate

look at that view!

Then, we went and got some beers at The House of Brews, as we are wont to do. This is a tradition since our days of working in the theatre district!  So, despite T having to work, I managed to have a fun Sunday!

Monday morning, I went to a spin class at the gym, annnnnd… that was the last exercise I did this week.  Although I have intended to go to the gym every morning since then, it’s been so difficult to get out of bed.  Of course,  I have absolutely no problem getting out of bed at any hour for a run, but I can’t seem to motivate to do anything else.  I suck.  But I HAVE been bootin’ it up most nights for bed, and working the arch-supporting shoes like no other.

I absolutely LOATHE the sneakers-for-the-commute look, so please applaud me for listening to the doc and doing it.

My second pre-approved running venture is on Saturday morning and, oh, it should be interesting.  I should explain that I really don’t have the option not to do it, because it is my 9th race in the 9+1 program for guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC marathon.  And I would cry actual tears if I ran 8 races and volunteered all for naught.  Anyhow, tomorrow night, T and I are going to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway with our friends Steve and Danielle.  We bought these tickets in AUGUST and are soooo excited to finally see it!  Afterwards, we are going out to dinner and — let’s be honest– will probably have many drinks, as well.  The Ted Corbitt 15K starts bright and early at 8 AM on Saturday morning. I’m thinking that a bum foot, coupled with very little  speedwork in the past month, and essentially no running in the past week, and likely a hangover will produce less than noteworthy results.  I just really hope my foot doesn’t hurt.  It would be a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE if my PF was cured and I felt no pain!  You hear that, Santa?

So yes, I’ve been doing some fun stuff and life is  merry and lovely.  But to be honest, I’ve been seriously blue about not running, which makes me ashamed!  Because in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge deal.  I really wish I could be one of those people that is totally chill about taking a (needed!) respite from running.  But T’s roommate intimated on Tuesday night that my running days may quite possibly be over, and this threw me into a dark tailspin.  So, I am accepting any and all reminders and encouragement that I will be up and running (pun intended) before too, too long.  (I know I am pathetic!)  Mmmkay, thanks. 🙂