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I’m Still Here

18 Apr

Oh, hey!  I’m still here and still salty to not be running.  Here’s what’s going on (in no particular order):

-I’m still hitting up Flywheel as routinely as possible, though no longer the 6 AM class.  After I got really sick I realized I wasn’t taking very good care of myself and thus have tried to make fewer weekday evening plans and make time for Flywheel in the evenings and on weekends rather than at the buttcrack of dawn during the week.

-My foot felt better.  I got excited!  Then it hurt again.  I then became extremely enraged inconsolably bereft really sad and disappointed and frustrated.  Then it felt better again.  Repeat excitement.  Then it hurt again… and the roller coaster continues…

-I am extremely hesitant to say more about the foot because I’ve gotten so nuts that I half-believe if I say it’s better it will respond by hurting again.  (This injury has messed with me mentally, I swear.)  HOWEVER.  I am planning to run for the first time since January 12th this coming Sunday.  I’m signed up for a 4-miler in the park on Sunday and I am going to do it ’cause (1) I’m sick and tired of not running AND not running races I’ve paid for and (2) it’s only 4 effing miles.  Fingers crossed BIG TIME.

-Boston happened and I teared up a few times already reading recaps!  I love marathons.  Check out my buddy Kristy‘s recap and congratulate her! 🙂  Oh yeah and Boston was so horribly hot this year that they offered the option of deferment until next year, which was really nice of them for sure, but also kind of sucks for me since it means fewer spots for next year and thus, a smaller chance that I will get in.  Yeah, also, I realize I have to actually run a qualifying time to get in, but details! 😉

-And on that note, T and I signed up for my hometown marathon.  It’s in a little under 5 months.  Talk about wishful thinking!  It will be his first, and my 12th.  Here’s hoping I can start training for it soon…

-I FINALLY gave in and joined Twitter.  I still don’t really get it, but why don’cha go ahead and follow me or tweet me or whatever?  I’m @katiesweatylife. (one “s”)

And now, some pictures!

Kinesio tape looks so weird, but for some reason I like how it feels on the sole of my foot.

I was not expecting my PT to do this. Had I expected it, I probably would have worn knee-high boots or pants to work that day. I got a lot of strange looks on the street...

Saturday afternoon at the Queens Kickshaw. Don't mind if I do!

Both the Porter and the coffee were AMAZING. Like, seriously amazing. Get thee to the Queens Kickshaw. It's not that far for you Manhattanites, I swear! Also, T and I split the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich there. No pic, 'cause we ate it so fast! 😉

Also, Sunday morning, I discovered this text in my sent items:

“I want to run forever and be fast as the wind.”

Apparently, wine + beer = very emo and poetic(?) Katie.  The sentiment is definitely true, I’m just not sure I would state it that way unless very overserved.  You’re welcome for that little tidbit, Cookie.  You’re welcome.