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In 2 months…

27 Nov

So, I guess now is when I say I’m planning to run the Miami marathon on January 27th– 2 months from today…

Basically, as a very generous gift, I was given a trip to Miami to do so last year, but as you may remember, I had a “short” bout with the dreaded plantar fasciitis … this prevented me from doing any running whatsoever for an unspeakable amount of time.

And so, January 27, 2013, is the day I hope to will run a sub-3:35 marathon.*

I actually got a little queasy just typing that out.  Yeesh.

Well, anyway, I suppose my official training for this race began the day I was slated to run the NYC marathon, which you may have heard wound up being canceled…

I ran 20 miles in the park that day, and the following week, ran a total of 44 miles, plus did a 45-minute Flywheel class.  My training has been decent but unremarkable.  My long runs have been very slow.  My speedwork has been pretty much on par.  Last week, I ran a little over 53 miles and did a 45-minute Flywheel class.  I also consumed about a million calories.  Fuel, of course!

This is a goose!

Who knew that goose was delicious?!?! T and I discovered this on Thanksgiving!

I made my Grandma’s oyster dressing. It involves: oysters, saltines, and a “little” bit of butter…

It is also DELICIOUS.

Can’t have Thanksgiving without green bean casserole! I used about 3 times the amount of cheese that the recipe called for. Obviously.

Anyway, so that’s just some of what I fueled my 53+ miles with last week.

One more shot of the goose

This week is a bit of a cutback week — I’ll only run about 45 miles.  Then next week I’ll run 60… which will be the most miles I’ve ever run in a week.

A few random observations about running during this, my 13th(!!!!) marathon training cycle:

-20 milers almost always suck.  They would probably suck a little bit less if I ran with a buddy or if I listened to music, but this last 20 miler (Friday after Thanksgiving) I had neither, and it was particularly brutal.

-For some reason, it’s difficult for me to hit MGP on anything but a circular path (lately for me, it’s been the Reservoir and the Astoria Park track.)  Why is that?  I should probably rectify this situation, seeing as how I’m pretty sure that the Miami marathon is a typical road race and not one done around a reservoir or on a track…

-I really want to join a running club/team.

-Inclement weather is almost a given on nights when I have NYRR running class.  Case in point:  the weather today sucks.  And I have class.

Anyway, this is not cohesive at all, but the 2 people who read my blog asked why I hadn’t written anything in a while.  So, tada!!!  I’ll do better next time. 🙂

Hope your holiday season is off to a great start!

*this really only involves shaving 4 minutes off of my PR, but I’d rather be closer to 3:30 if we’re being honest here…

That Sh*t Cray

16 Aug

So, a few things that are “cray” to report here.

First and foremost, and having nothing to do with running… man, customer service really sucks these days.  My mom came to visit me last weekend and her flight was scheduled for Friday night.  Delta canceled her flight and rebooked her on a flight the following morning.  They gave no reason for canceling said flight.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Fast forward to Sunday

Delta canceled her flight AGAIN!  Again, no given reason.  And they rebooked her on a flight the following morning with a layover in freaking Atlanta!!!!  Horrible.  Their consolation when she complained?  Awarding her some Skymiles.  A lot of good that is going to do her… since she does not plan to fly Delta again.  Airlines are the worst.

Another lovely anecdote is probably going to make me come off like a snotty little word I am not going to say here.  But here goes.  In April, I bought a dress at a store I shamefully frequent, Juicy Couture.  I am not going to link to it here, because I refuse to send any traffic their way.  Besides, you’re all familiar with Juicy Couture.  You know… velour track suits in candy colors with JUICY across the ass?  Yeah, I don’t wear that sh*t.  But call me what you will, I do (did) love their dresses.  *hangs head in shame*  I’d also like to insert that while I do love clothes, (particularly dresses) I am a reverse snob when it comes to running clothes.  Free race tees and clearance rack running shorts from TJ Maxx all the way, baby.  I do not own a single thing Lululemon, nor do I plan to.  Just thought I’d make a flimsy attempt at convincing you I’m not entirely materialistic and shallow…

…followed by some truly obnoxious pictures to break up this huge block of text

This is one of my favorite dresses. It’s by (stupid) Juicy.

Look, I also have it in green! Isn’t that exciting?

Just for fun, here’s proof I have it in yellow, too.

Anyhow, I went to put on the dress I bought in April this past weekend.  I hadn’t worn it yet and the tags were still on.  And the damn zipper broke!  This little anecdote is getting really long, so I’ll try and summarize.  It was pretty expensive, and when I attempted to return it to Juicy, they refused to take it back, repeatedly citing their ridiculous 90 day return policy, EVEN THOUGH I had clearly never worn it, EVEN THOUGH it was clearly defective, EVEN THOUGH I am a loyal customer and begged and pleaded.  Suffice it to say:

Mmmkay, now with that out of the way.  Here’s an exciting update on my marathon training:

Tues Aug 7:  8 miles w/ 3 x mi @ 7:50/7:40/7:20 (last one was brutal)

Weds Aug 8:  4 miles easy

Thurs Aug 9:  45 min Flywheel

Fri Aug 10:  45 min Flywheel

Sat Aug 11:  12 miles easy (close to 10:00, due to lengthy water stops and running into T on my way back home– he was on his way out for an 18-miler!)

Sun Aug 12:  full rest

Mon Aug 13: 45 min Flywheel

Tues Aug 14:  6.25 mi w/4 hill pick-ups and the rest very slow.  This was at running class and it was truly miserable.  I kept thinking it was the 3 H’s:  Horrible, Humid, and Hard to breathe.  Ugh.

Weds Aug 15:  45 min Flywheel

Today:  so, this is more sh*t that is cray– I got up at 3:45 this morning and ran 18 miles before work!!!  I did this only because I am going out of town with friends this weekend and didn’t want an 18-miler on my plate.  It actually went pretty well!  I don’t have my splits in front of me, but I kept the middle 7 (or 8?) miles at under a 9:00 pace, which is a big enough challenge for me these days.  I averaged 9:15 and that included water and traffic light stops.  My course went as follows:  from my apartment, over the Q’boro Bridge, to the Engineer’s Gate, 2 of the 4-mile inner loops of Central Park, and back over the Bridge and home.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a disgustingly sweaty beast with visions of Gatorade bottles dancing in my head as I finished up my run.  I’d also be lying if I said a construction worker didn’t helpfully exclaim “sweaty!” (as though I didn’t realize it) when I ran by him.  Thanks, bro!

Ran by the store this morning on Madison Ave. on my way to the park. Flipped it off, ’cause I’m mature.

The view as I crossed the Bridge back into Queens. Blurry, ’cause I was going up the hill and knew if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to start again.

To wrap it all up, 2 more things (sh*ts?) that are cray.  CRAZY AWESOME.



!!!!!???? How will it ennnddd??? DO NOT ANSWER THAT.

Happy running!

1 weekend, 2 good runs

19 Sep

Yay!  I had 2 decent runs this weekend!  And an all-around great weekend.

Friday night, I met up with Cookie (one of my best friends– yes, she goes by Cookie) and some of her colleagues at a Belgian beer bar near our offices– BXL.  I drank this.  It was OK; not my favorite

Then, I grabbed a cab and dashed downtown to meet up with my buddies Dana (in town from London) and Erica at John’s Pizza in the West Village.  I very rarely let myself splurge on pizza, but an 18-miler looming in the future made the already delicious pizza taste even more amazing.

I got to bed early and woke up the next morning feeling happy, refreshed… and a bit nervous(?)  I have never in my life been nervous for a solo training run and actually not even really that much for a marathon!  But now that I actually care about my time in the upcoming race, and have had so many bad long runs lately, it felt like I needed to make this a good one, or else give up my hope for having a time in Columbus I could feel good about.

My good buddy Lori is training for her first race– the Hamptons Half– with Team in Training (TIT, hehe) and she generously shared with me the routes they had recommended for the weekend.  I grabbed a 16 miler I was excited about.  It involved running down the west side path, over the Brooklyn Bridge, back over the Manhattan Bridge, and back up the west side.  I was excited to do a run somewhere NOT in Central Park (no offense, CP.  I love you longtime, but I need a break) and one that involved bridges.  I love running bridges.  I figured starting and finishing at my apartment rather than in the middle of the park would tack on the extra 2 miles I needed.

To cut to the chase (har-har, chase) I felt OK, good even, but not great, about this run.  My Pfitzinger plan said to run 18 miles with 14 at MP.  I’m still not sure what MP is gonna be, but I’d like to keep it under 8:30 and under 8:25 would be amazing.  I ran the first 2 miles at a leisurely pace, allowing myself to warm up.  Then, I picked it up.  I was in an absolute reverie running in the beautiful fall weather along the west side — so many runners!  I had to control myself to keep the pace above 8 because I just wanted to gun it.  I felt so awesome.  The weather, like I said, was picture-perfect — sunny and cool.  I will take this weather on marathon day.  Maybe a few degrees cooler, but this was definitely a step in the right direction, Mother Nature.  Here are some shots I took while running down the west side– of the view of Jersey from the path and also the view of downtown.

Check out that beautiful, blue sky!

I ran down the path to Chambers, where I was instructed to take a left and then “the bridge would be on my right.”  Errrr… I got a little worried I would miss it, took a few turns and then had to ask a cop how to get to the bridge.  I always get confused and a bit panicked finding bridge entrances!  Luckily, I found it, struggled a bit going up the incline, and then sailed down the other side.

beautiful, beautiful, BK bridge

When I got to Tillary, I took a left (as directed) and then a left again on Jay.  Then the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge was supposed to be on the right… but I literally came to a stand-still looking for it.  I am pretty sure I looked a lot like this:

I finally saw a little opening in this iron fence, thank goodness, but hello– it was NOT very visible!  Ran back across into the city and up Bowery to Houston, where I cut across.  This portion of the run was slightly frustrating and not great, because the streets were so crowded and I also was starting to feel a little drained.  I don’t usually eat in the mornings before runs, so I was getting pretty hungry, and I also hadn’t drank much other than a few quick sips at fountains while going down the west side.  I planned to eat my Gu and take a water break when I was back on the path, as soon as I saw a fountain, but the time started to stretch a bit here…

Finally made it to the path and found a fountain where I could get a nice, long drink and gulp down a Gu.  And by “gulp,” I actually mean “choke-cough-cough-cough-snot pours out of nose-desperately wipe at snot-try to breathe-choke-choke-finally stop coughing-breathe-finish Gu-choke some more-gulp down more water.”  Put more succinctly, not pleasant!  After this, I have to admit I never really felt that I got my groove back.  I couldn’t seem to get back to a pace I was happy with, but it was worlds better than any of my long runs in the past month or so, so… all-in-all, I was happy!  My splits went as follows:

1- 8:55













14-9:56 (due to cough-sputter-etc!)





Average pace-8:40

I would have preferred it be a bit faster, but I’ll take it!

The rest of the day was really nice.  I met up with the awesome Lori at Starbucks where she bought me a salted caramel latte.  I had never had one before, but YUM!  We also split a pumpkin loaf.  Then, we went to Jackrabbit where she kindly shared her TIT 15% discount and I got a few things.  Then, I did some more shopping, cooked myself dinner (pumpkin ravioli!  Do you see a trend?) and then ventured out to Brooklyn.  I met up with Melina and we went to The Vanderbilt.  We shared smoked potato and cheddar croquettes and had a few beers.

Sunday, I met up with my friend Nina and her fiancee Ilan, who I was just meeting for the first time.  They are in town from Israel.  It was great seeing them!  We went to My Most Favorite Food on the Upper West Side.  Then I did a bit of shopping.  I found some black riding boots that actually zip over my calves and were a bit cheaper than the Tory Burches, so the Tories are going back!  I’m actually thrilled about the new boots.

The rest of the day I was actually very productive, but I managed to put off my 9 miler (including speed work) until nearly 8 PM.  No biggie, though.  I got it done and felt great about it.  Pfitzinger said to do “9 miles with 5 x 1,000 m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between.”  So… I have to say one of my biggest complaints about Pfitz’s plan (besides the freaking killer mileage) is that it involves a lot of math and a lot of meters and way too much thinking-while-running.  Mmmmkay, I do not know what 1,000 meters feels like, really.  I don’t feel like figuring out how long it takes me to run 1,000 meters and then figuring out what 50-90% of that time is.  And I don’t know what my 5K race pace is, ’cause I can’t remember the last time I ran a 5K, much less raced it.

What I decided to do was do 3/4 of a mile at a sub 7:50 pace, then jog the final 1/4 of the mile very slowly… and repeat 4 times.  I arrived at this because I know that 800 meters equals around half a mile and so I decided to make 1,000 meters equal 3/4 of a mile.  (I just looked this up and 1,000 meters is  actually .625 miles, but whatever– that is tougher to keep track of on my watch.)  And I decided that jogging the final 1/4 mile would make it easier to round it all up.  Also, my10K PR was at a 7:52 pace, so I decided to just keep the 3/4 miles under that.  Anyhow, this all made the 9 miles go by really fast, and that was awesome.

This morning I went for a quick 4 mile jaunt around the reservoir.  It was an absolutely beautiful fall morning.  The only disturbance was actually, er, a BIG disturbance.  On my second lap around the reservoir, suddenly there were cops all over the place, emergency vehicles, and even a helicopter hovering.  I told T I felt like Henry Hill from Goodfellas!  This is all I could find out about it thus far:


Anyhow… kind of a wacky start to the day!  But it’s beautiful outside and I’m having drinks with Jane tonight AND I get to see T again after he was gone all weekend!  Good stuff. 🙂

Oh!  And my friend Emily, mentioned in a previous post, got engaged to her sweet bf Shawn over the weekend!  So yay for that!

Here they are, lookin’ studly after completing the 2009 Nashville Country Music Marathon.  Aren’t they cute?