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Lots of pumpkin, as per usual (+ some running, too)

21 Sep

Ho-hum, nothing too exciting to post here (I’ve really reeled you with that lead, haven’t I???)  Since last I wrote, I went out Monday night to my neighborhood bar, Wicker Park, and got pretty a little krunk.  Totally not my fault– they had Post Road pumpkin ale and I was taking Tuesday morning off of running, since I have class on Tuesday nights.  (This rationale makes perfect sense, does it not?)  Anyhow, I met up with my buddy Jane (who I sometimes run with) and we enjoyed a non-sweaty time, marveling at the fact that we so very rarely see one another looking clean and normal.  Haha.  T came by, too.  Good stuff.

I had a little more than a few of these

Yesterday was grey and murky all day — not that I was outside, but I could see from my office.  All I wanted to do was go home and lie on the couch like a lazy sack of poo.  But I had class, so that was not an option.  On my way home from work, I passed the new Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales.  I obviously had to stop, since fall is the one time of year I pretty much eat baked goodies with reckless abandon.  I have two reasons for this:  (1) PUMPKIN STUFF ABOUNDS!  Gotta get it while it’s in season!  and (2) I’m in peak training for marathon and burning tons of calories… right?

Anyhow, Magnolia had a pumpkin brownie that I bought and decided to use as a post-class treat.  Fast forward to post-class:  this brownie sucked.  Totally dry and a waste of calories.  Did I eat the whole thing?  Well, obviously.  But did I *really* enjoy it?  No, I did not.  Harumpf, f*ck you, Magnolia.

This is a pic that came up when I Googled "pumpkin brownie." The difference is that this one looks moist and delicious. Magnolia's was the opposite.

Anyhow, I went to class and it was pretty meh.  We only had 3 coaches, which really annoys the crap out of me.  Typically there are at LEAST 4, and sometimes more.  I mean, it’s not like this class is breaking my bank or anything (It’s 10 sessons for $110– easy math) but still!  I go here every week because it’s a speed workout I wouldn’t do on my own, and because there are pacers.  However, when my pace group is, like, 25 people, it’s no bueno.  They lumped the 8:00-9:00 min milers all in one group  (typically, I run with the 8-8:30 group) and this was just annoying.  The coach was running slower than I’d like, there were way too many people… and I basically gave up on getting any sort of speed work in whatsoever.  Blah.  (Good Lord, I sound like a jerk and a curmudgeon.  Sorry.)  Anyhow, I got 7 miles in, not fast, and called it a night.

This morning, I had 10 miles with some speedwork — “4 x 1200 m @ 5K race pace; jog 50 to 90% interval time between.”  Once again, I opted to do 3/4 miles at sub 7:50 pace and then jog the final 1/4 of each mile very slowly.  This morning’s speedwork was a bit tougher than it was on Sunday– I dipped above 8:00 a few times– but it’s done.

Left this week:  an 11 miler, which I plan to do tomorrow morning, and then a 20 miler.  The NYRR is doing an 18-mile tune-up race on Sunday, so I’m doing that +2 miles.  I’m planning to do the 20 at a 9:00 pace, so it shouldn’t be too hateful.

Tonight:  posse family dinner!  Peace!