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3:38:52, or The Weekend That Was Just Totally Freaking Awesome (Part 1)

17 Oct

Let’s not bury the lead, shall we?

Yep.  3:38:52.  So much to say about the past 4 days.  So much to say.  But the bottom line is that I did it.  I freaking broke 3:40.  I never thought I could accomplish this.  Do I find it ironic that I qualified for Boston just in time for them to make the qualifying times stricter?  Yes.  Do I wish I had just gotten 3:38:00 flat because :52 is such an awkward punctuation to that awesome time?  Yes.  Do I need to stop with this asking questions and then answering them thing I’ve found myself doing lately?  Yes.

OK, I’ll try Cliffs Notes starting on Weds night, but no promises this won’t be excruciatingly lengthy.  Sorry.  I know at least one of my readers will stay with me, anyway.  (Hi, mom!  You’re awesome!)

Weds night I packed and went over to T’s.  We went to the grocery store near him where I picked out 10 different pumpkin ales to take to my brother in Ohio!  My bro is basically one of my favorite people EVER and he loves himself some good pumpkin ales.  One of T’s neighborhood grocery stores has this glorious display, so I had to hit it up for a little treat for brother dear:

Love. It.

I also got myself one of each, as well.  How could I not? 😉

I had a few while T and I sat on the couch and watched TV:

Pls note the alcohol content. I may or may not have been rambling to T about the "Pumpkin King" and all his "subjects holding court." I'm an idiot.

Thurs morning we flew to Dayton, where my mom picked us up.  We visited with 2 of my besties and their babies, then went back to my mom’s and chilled until my dad came over.  The 4 of us had a scrumptious dinner that my mom cooked.  Pork, cheesy mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, and home made apple pie+ ice cream, to boot!  MY MOM IS THE BEST.

Fri morning I slept in (which was heavenly) and then went for a 5 miler in my mom’s neighborhood.  I am kicking myself for not taking pics, because it was breathtakingly beautiful.  Just a perfect fall day.  After this, T and I went to visit my grandparents.  My grandparents are the sh*t.

Then we picked up a few Marion’s pizzas (best pizza EVER) and some beers, and went to my mom’s.  Shortly thereafter, a ton of my hometown buddies + some of their babies + my brother came over and we all enjoyed said pizza and beer.

Sat morning, I slept in again, went for a quick 4 miler, and had some lunch.  My mom found this in the grocery store.  I could NOT believe it.  She is magical:

I had this for my Saturday before marathon lunch.  I took a picture, ’cause I thought it was so pretty (and tasty!):

I washed this healthy lunch down with a few of these bad boys, thanks to my bestie who got me this whole box.  YUM, YUM, and YUM:

Get inside of me, unhealthy, sugary, pumpkin-y carbs!

Then, T and I took off for Columbus!  Once there, I hit up the Expo and grabbed my number, then we jetted on over to my girl Jen’s home in Dublin, Ohio.  T, Jen, her husband Adam and I all went to Brazenhead, where I allowed myself ONE Sierra Nevada and a burger and some chips.  All the food was perfectly serviceable, except for the fact that the delicious dip that came with the chips had garlic in it.  My stomach HATES garlic and I NEVER, EVER allow myself to eat it.  So why did I eat it the night before a marathon?  Ugh, I am a glutton for punishment….

I prepped my race stuff:

Then I went to bed around 11:30– not as early as I would have liked– and tossed and turned until my alarm went off at 5:30 AM.  I woke up to the taste of garlic in my mouth (though I had brushed my teeth vigorously– damn you, garlic!  DAMN YOU!)  I got ready and T and I drove to the Westin, where I was meeting my brother (who was running the half)…

… to be continued!  (Haha, sorry, I was busy today and I want to wait ’til I have pics for the full race report!) 🙂

Now, it’s off to see Sleep No More with my buddies Fatima, Ken, Cookie, and Chad.  Really wish I had had the foresight to NOT make plans tonight, ’cause all I really wanna do is sleep, (and yes, I do see the thick irony in the title of the play I’m seeing) but oh well– it should be fun!