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I’m Falling Apart

4 Apr

So, since last I wrote, I’ve come down with a really awesome sinus infection!  I’ve never had a sinus infection before, and I am here to tell you that it is a special and unique kind of torture!  Cool beans!

Ugh, it all began last Wednesday when I went to see the Hunger Games movie (sooo awesome; have a serious ladycrush on Jennifer Lawrence, it’s not right.)  My “allergies” seemed to escalate into something a little more, which included a sweet cornucopia of achy bod, terrible headache, sniffles, coughs, chills, and fever.  I slept like sh*t, but convinced myself I felt better and went to work in the morning… where I wound up being yelled at by work buddies to go the f*ck home leaving a few hours later and holed up on the couch for the rest of the day, reading the second Hunger Games book.  (By the way, I did in fact include the word “cornucopia” in tribute — yes, TRIBUTE– to the HG.)

Again, I slept like sh*t and didn’t even bother the charade of attending work the next day.  I did, however, drag my achy a$$ to physical therapy because fixing this “little” foot issue is, oh, sort of important to me….

The receptionist looked confused when I showed up (on time for my 1PM appointment) and said, “Oh, Katie, I didn’t think you were in the book ’til later on today.”  (Yes, they know me by name at the front desk of my PT by now and yes, this is f*cking sad.)  I checked my calendar and indeed, my appointment was at 2:30 and I had written that down, but for some reason in my confused and delirious state, decided my appointment was at 1.  Flustered, I told her I was running a fever, hadn’t even gone to work, and had to cancel even though I understood they would have to charge me.  (Damn.  It.)

Then, I went back home and holed back up on the couch.  A few hours later, I decided I felt better, so I packed up some stuff for the weekend and joined T to Manhattan to pick up our rental car and meet up with our friends Steve and Danielle for our trip to DC….

We had a blast in DC and I’m not sorry I went!  I mean, was sleeping on an aerobed in our friends’ living room the best thing for my cold?  Probably not.  Was sitting at a rooftop bar drinking Moo Thunder and playing Scattergories for hours just what the doctor ordered?  Hmmm, no… but it was *was* super fun.

One of the most delicious things one can find in a can

Sunday I spectated the crap out of the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  I’m getting pretty good at this spectating sh*t…

Post-race in the Metro station with T, who did an awesome job, especially considering his training was nil. We won't talk about what a slap in the face it is that he CHOOSES NOT TO RUN, WHEN HE CAN! Argh. 😉

Monday after work, I went to a Flywheel class, which is where I realized and admitted that I was in a pretty sorry state.  I was spent before the first song was over, and basically phoned it in for the rest of the class.  My “score” was by far, the lowest I’ve ever gotten.  Flywheel gives you a “score” that gets higher and higher throughout the class the harder you work.  Typically, for a 45 minute class, I’m around a 230-250.  Monday, I didn’t even break 200.

When I got home that night, I found myself in an immense amount of pain in my jaw area, which was weird.  I attempted to knock myself out with NyQuil, but still did not sleep well.

I went to work yesterday, ’cause why not, then I went to the doctor, who confirmed that I had a sinus infection that had settled in nicely to my jaw area.  He also gave me sh*t for going to Flywheel while my body was fighting an infection.  (I thought maybe there was something to that whole “flushing out toxins”…. no?)  Anyhow, it feels like when I used to get my braces tightened, only about a million times more painful and awful.  Good stuff!  The jaw pain has only intensified to the point where I want to bash my head against my desk repeatedly.

… the good news is that I’m in too much pain to be uber depressed that my foot feels exactly the same as it did before the PRP injection…

WOMP WOMP DEBBIE DOWNER.  I’m seriously f*cking falling apart.

Tell me something good.  Are you a Hunger Games fan?  I got into it way late in the “game” (haha?) and am just now starting book 3, but I love the series.  I am usually pretty wary of things that have such a huge following like HG, but I have to admit there is a reason people love these books– ‘CAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME.

I Would Punch a Baby in the Face To Go For a Run Right Now*

20 Mar

Listen, I love babies.  My niece and nephew (OK, they are 2.5 and 5, respectively– not babies) are the loves of my life.  (I still call them babies.)  Tons of my besties have babies that I adore, including my dear friend Jen, who I am going to visit this weekend.  I’ll be meeting little Molly for the first time, just before her 1st birthday!

This is from Jen's bridal shower-- that's me with Jen (the other blonde) and Cookie (far left) who is also coming to visit Jen with me. That's Emmy on the far right. She isn't coming, because she is a 2nd year medical resident and hardly ever gets to do fun stuff any more. 😦

Anyhow, I’m kidding.  Jen, please do not forbid me from coming.  I promise I would never even think of punching Molly.

But it’s really difficult for me to express how badly I want to run.  It’s been 10 LONG WEEKS since my last run.  It’s been practically 4 months now since my PF diagnosis when I cut back on my mileage.  I feel like a broken record because I KNOW I’ve repeated this information again and again.

Yeah, I’m appealing for sympathy.

Actually, I’m appealing for good wishes for Friday.  Friday is when the PRP is happening.

Whenever I think too much about it, I actually start to feel a bit weak and woozy.  I am trying not to freak out about it because that is not helping at all.  And my doc is making it sound like it’s no big deal.

I’ve consulted some friends, family, and acquaintances who are doctors and Meggie even put me in touch with a doctor who is pretty serious runner and also had PRP for her PF!  (Meggie, you win awesome blog buddy of the year!)  This has all made me feel better about going forward with the procedure.

My dear friend Elizabeth, who is getting her PhD in bioethics, sent me a long and informative email with her thoughts on PRP.  She detailed a myriad of excellent points, including this one, which had not occurred to me but is very valid:

“…because PRP is not a drug, it is not being marketed by pharmaceutical companies out to
make money. Yes, the treatment itself does obviously cost something and someone is making money off of it, but it doesn’t have the likes of Pfizer or other big pharma companies with huge PR and marketing departments
advertising the treatment to the masses.”

*Eliz, I hope you don’t mind me quoting you, but you’re just so darn eloquent.

The overwhelming consensus from my due diligence is that while it may not work, (PLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE LET IT WORK) it is not harmful.


I have experienced a lot of strife from this little foot injury– some of which I’ve detailed on the blog, but a lot of which I have not.  I know it sounds dramatic.  But yeah, not running has been really difficult for me.  Especially since I have been doing just what I’m supposed to.  Plantar fasciitis is the most frustrating injury because it just seems there is never an end in sight, and I have gotten so many instructions that confuse me.

“Try barefoot running!”

“Never EVER go barefoot!”

“Don’t wear flat shoes!  They have no arch support!”

“Don’t wear heels!  They tighten up your calves!”

Etc etc.  People swear by all kinds of remedies, but the most popular ones (the night splint and no running and PT) have obviously not worked for me.  Time to pull out the big guns, er needles.  WAH.

On a lighter note, I watched the NYC Half on Sunday, which was a lot of fun!  Lori PRed and did awesome!  Celia and Josie nailed it, too!  I was waiting eagerly for Lori to pass at 47th and 7th and snapped a bunch of random photos in the meantime.

I don't know these people, but lookin' good, runners!

I was so excited when I finally saw Lori that I completely forgot to take a pic!  Luckily, she sent over this one, in which she looks amahhhhhzing.


So this weekend, I have to get this little pesky injection out of the way, then it’s off to Charlotte for a girls’ weekend.  And next weekend… well, next weekend I will go spectate another race (one I am signed up for, sigh) and I will do it with a smile and — I hope– feeling as though I’m on the brink of running again myself.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope……

*just to further clarify, I would never actually punch a baby**!  Look at this face (my nephew, when he actually WAS a baby.)  LOVE

**the only baby I would actually punch is that f**king Stewie from Family Guy.  I hate that baby.